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Kobe's Maid Sues -- It Was the Crappiest Job Ever

3/25/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe & VanessaKobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are being sued by their former housekeeper, who claims Vanessa was incredibly abusive -- even demanding that she put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve a tag from her blouse ... so Vanessa could deduct the cost of the blouse from the maid's salary!

Maria Jimenez claims Vanessa called her "lazy, slow, dumb, a f---ing liar, and f---ing sh-t."

In the lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Orange County, Jimenez claims Vanessa accused her of stealing her (mouth) retainer.

Jimenez says it got so bad -- Vanessa allegedly "badgered, harassed and humiliated Maria by yelling and screaming at Maria and criticizing her in front of Kobe, the Bryants' children, employees and other people in the household" -- she threatened to quit but Kobe talked her out of it.

The final straw: Vanessa went nuclear because Maria put an expensive blouse in the washer. Vanessa demanded that Maria put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve the price tag for the blouse.

Maria says she wanted to quit and Vanessa responded that she "had to work until payday to pay for the $690 blouse, which she did."

Maria is suing for wrongful discharge, invasion of privacy and emotional distress and unpaid wages.

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I don't know how I would react if my maid put a $690 blouse in the washer. I would be mad too.

1981 days ago


Who wouldn't be angry if they were married to a rapist?

1981 days ago


If the maid had it so bad why did she stay that long???

I have no sympathy for eople who hire on as maids and then get envious, and want what the employer has.
This behavior is so transparent.

It's just another shakedown and people here side with the maid because they are jealous of Kobe and his millions.

1981 days ago


Kobe did not rape anyone!

He got off because,clearly, his accuser was a mental case who bragged that she wanted to try out his peen.
And after they got done,she cried rape.
Tough titties,baby.

1981 days ago


Isn't Vanessa notorious for being the biggest bitch in the world? I heard she cussed out a reporter in front of her kids. She's probably insecure b/c Kobe cheated on her, she should be bitching him out instead.

1981 days ago

Just my opinion    

There goes her resume!

1981 days ago


To bad the maid didnt have the same mouth as florence from the Jeffersons..she would have told Ms Bryant. " You must have fell and bumped your damn head!" You want that tag..then stick your own damn hand down and get it!" Had it been me I would have told her to take that blouse and shove it up your a$$! And had she said somthing I would have cursed her tail out took the apron off and threw it in her face! Well, thats why I got an education and skills, where as I dont have to take that kind of abuse from anyone because I will surely tell you to kiss where the sun dont shine and walk the hell out. But when you have No skills, no education. this is what you put up with. I could care less if your a millionare wife or who. You will not treat me any kind of way or you will have a very bad day. Apparently its Not all paradise being married to Kobe who I cant because of that attitude and what do you expect from him? Many times you can tell the man by his wife. They both snotty and deserve each other. Dumb on the maids part, apparently they were paying her VEry well or she would have bounced long ago. No sympathy. I bet she receive a healthy paycheck thats why she stayed because if they werent paying her crap no way she would have took the abuse.

1981 days ago


Kobe. bro, get a fu ckin divorce. I can only HOPE! you got an air tight pre-nup. Shouldn't married that HO! in the first place, kid. Everybody told you so. But, you just didn't (wanna) listen.

1981 days ago


Why are African-American dudes always photo'd with their tongues out?

1981 days ago


Vanessa has come from a family who are basically grifter-like.
Her mom faked a injury years ago when she was a baby at a factory in the City of Orange, her mom pretended to have a back injury and her upper torso was perpendicular to her legs. Everyone though she was a "wonderful woman" especially when the house was so clean and she was able to care for Vanessa and cook while injured. Right after she got her settlement she "miraculously was cured" and she divorced her husband, Vanessa's father.
So it does not surprise me that she grew up in the "user bitch" mentality, it is second nature. Notice how initially she tried to say she was "white" but she comes from a mother who is Tijuana hard core! She is hard core Cornejo!

1981 days ago

Laker Fan    

Slyth... the maid doesnt have to be there! she obviously tolerates this because she is uneducated or cant get a better job. i have a great job and probably make more money than you so i would never ever be a maid !d!ot... if she doesnt like the attitude, she can leave. if the strawberries offended you, then she can go stand at the home depot and wait to be picked up by business owners!!!

Kobe for MVP

1981 days ago


Just quit huh??? I am sure that jobs are a dime a dozen, right? This poor woman was working for a living and was humiliated by some spoiled ass rich bitch, she deserves to file and win a suit against her! Stole a retainer? If that pic next to Kobe's is her, she needs much more than a retainer...she needs a muzzle to shut her tyrant mouth!! if this is really how she treats people, she deserves what she gets!

1981 days ago

The Rude Bellman    

The title of the article is deceiving: it was Kobe's WIFE the maid had the problem with, not Bryant himself.

By most accounts, Vanessa is psychotic and Bryant would probably dump her except for two things:
1. There supposedly is no prenup and the sewer rat would get half of everything and probably the kids
2. He'd have to admit that he was wrong and everyone else was right that he was making a mistake by marrying her.

Of course, there is another possibility: he just might love the bitch.

1981 days ago

Kobe Hatters are pathetic.    

To Posted at 11:40AM on Mar 25th 2009 by Pam

Your an idiot if you believed that story. Kobe has 2 daughters, and no boys. Yet your story suggests that Vanessa had her son sitting on her lap.

1981 days ago



1981 days ago
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