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1500 More Reasons to Hate OctoMom

3/25/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is getting out of hand -- OctoMom just blew another $1500 on clothes ... for herself.

We're told Nadya Suleman went on a major shopping spree yesterday at Bebe Sport -- which isn't a baby brand, it's a pricey adult one!

Sources tell us she picked up things ranging from t-shirts to tank tops, a sexy fit metallic cami, woven cargo dress, crystal heart sweatsuits (two colors) and sports bras.

What's worse -- sources say when Nadya was asked for her ID during a separate shopping spree at Bebe last Friday, a blonde woman with her said "Oh come on, don't you know who she is?"

Launch pics!Unfortunately, we do.


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The great thing about celebrities is they are not asking the state of Ca. to support their tribe are they? they are not asking for the brken state of Ca to pay a hospital bill for them are they? they made sure they could afford all their babies before thay had them, Ca residents won't even get a state tax refund this year b/c it is broke, but yet the poor hard working tax payers have to pay for her stupidity,I say if the state has to support her then the state should place the kids in good homes where they can be cared for.
This woman is looking for some fame and money, to hell with her kids, how much time has she spent with the babies? she can not do this by her self, but why should the public and the tax payers have to do it? Let t he Dr who planted her ass with the seeds support her tribe, let her get her ugly butt off the couch and clean house, she had already shown she couldn't keep house with six, it was absolutely filthy, and her new one will look ever bit as bad, and those new babes around those other children who even slap and bite their mom, my lord what will they do to the new babes? it is scary

2033 days ago


Hi all, I guess angry neighbor has left us
been trying to find her
I have been on the AIW web site and searching more about them
we know they were not free care
there was talk from allred and conforti about having a place for the babies i found out in Blue Jay california Lake Arrowhead, there just happens to be an adoption place , I can't imagine this lake area being real big.just a little town. It sounds like me they were going to take these kids and put them up for adoption. Another place to watch for is Lifetime adoptions, they were on dr phil at one time. every one is out to make money at these babies expense. Everyone needs to watch every one else. Where is angry neighbor we miss her... nite all

2025 days ago

There are MANY more reasons Octomom makes me sick.
First is the way she, with her ultra-annoying voice, interrupts everyone who tries to ask her a question. She won't let them finish, wrongly thinking what SHE has to say is more important than the interviewer (or her Mom - and God bless her mother, or should I say God HELP her?)
I completely believe the Angels in Waiting nurse who said Nadya was never around to feed, change, or interact with the babies. Instead, she opted to stay in her room and enjoy her new hot tub/jacuzzi. She was, however, caring like mad for the babies when the cameras were rolling. Disgusting.
And here's 160,000 more reasons: the money she collected from the state for her "back injury." It takes one hell of a good back to carry eight children; I'd say her back is in better shape than most of ours.
Gloria Allred confirmed what we all assumed all along. Nadya is completely incapable of caring for these babies that she had - and make no mistake - had for the sole reason of becoming a celebrity and cashing in. I also believe the pediatric nurse who was appalled that the non-English speaking "nannies" hired by Nadya tested positive for TB and cared for them with open sores completely exposed. (The problem I have with the non-English speaking help is that they were unable to communicate with the Angels in Waiting baby nurses, who could've helped tremendously with teaching them the proper care of preemies.)
So she fires Angels in Waiting, thinking they were attempting to turn her in for child neglect. If there WAS no neglect, Nadya had no reason to feel threatened.
Her younger six children seem completely out of control. I worry about their treatment of the eight babies who of course will be in the spotlight, being the wage earners and all. And I know Nadya will do nothing about it, just as she condones their atrocious behavior.
Reasons? Oh, there are a multitude of them.
Eight more reasons: Those poor babies under her "care."
And I'm just getting warmed up... space won't allow all the reasons this shameless person has more than earned the disapproval of the entire country.

2025 days ago


I'm tired of listening to this bitch. Can't she have a skiing accident on the bunny slopes so we can just pull the plug on her.

2021 days ago


Why cant people leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!! people are making this a big deal and it isnt!!let her live her life

2010 days ago

Angel TanWC    

I hope Octomom dies in a freak accident soon. Can't stand seeing her in the news. The world has people who have real problems, struggling to make a living. There are people who are starving in other countries, while this lazy, selfish, greedy, money-grasping celebrity wannabe is all out to grab charity for her self-centred 'needs'. I hope she dies real soon!!

1495 days ago
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