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Shawn Johnson Under Tight Surveillance

3/26/2009 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD will present the case against Robert O'Ryan to the L.A. County D.A., probably sometime this morning. It's likely that stalking and other charges will be filed -- that would almost certainly up O'Ryan's bail....presumably enough to keep him behind bars in the short term.

Shawn Johnson
is playing some serious defense in the wake of an obsessed and armed fan's arrest outside "Dancing With the Stars."

TMZ has learned the 17-year-old has a new personal bodyguard, who's already been spotted shadowing her around town. Sources tell us Shawn's protector is an off-duty police officer.

Robert O'Ryan was arrested after trying to get into Monday night's taping of the show. Police say they found a loaded handgun and a loaded shotgun in his car. O'Ryan remains in custody, held on $35,000 bail.

We're told Shawn, her "Dancing" partner Mark Ballas, and the rest of the cast were informed about O'Ryan after Monday's show.


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Most of you are weird.

2035 days ago


That freaking show is a curse...they should cancel it

2035 days ago


All these fat, nasty, old, wrinkley, bitches on here that are so miserable with themselves and their own wasted lives that feel the need to attack a 17 year old CHILD and berate her are hilarious!!!! You fatass whores deserve your misery and loserdom. This chick will always be relevant while you'll continue being jealous and envious of her from your little pointless lives in obscurity.

Even she, or if anyone else, seeked out getting on the show who would care, but you skanks are aware that she, like everyone else, was INVITED on, right??? But please, go back to ripping on a teenager because she's more beautiful and talented than you could ever dream of being.

2035 days ago


If that guy really had two guns on him and I were Shawn? My butt would be on the fastest plane out of L.A.! I would not stay and finish "Dancing with the Stars". My Butt would be on some tropical island somewhere!

2035 days ago


What is the MATTER with you people?

2035 days ago


Oh noes! call batman.

2035 days ago


Wow- what a bunch of nasty haters. Shawn Johnson is an adorable girl who is an awesome gymnast. No she did not win all around but she sure as hell has more class. She handled it with grace and dignity. Get you fat as*es out there and do something. Stop picking on a 17 year old girl. This speaks volumes for this country- no wonder you elected a jackas** for President. Shawn is a hard worker who has worked this hard since she was 6. WOW_ jealousy is such an ugly thing and you are all extremely jealous!!!!!

2035 days ago

Michael Madsen    

What's the shock here? Obssessed psychos...loaded guns...sounds like another typical day in the USA.
You want free access to murderous weapons as a Right. When murderous weapons are a Right they are legitimized to conform to everyday life. They become an extension of your physicality and are used like any other appendage on the Human assist in getting want you want.
Mix that in with the American "Entertainment" mind warping machine and...well...
now you know the rest of the story.

2035 days ago

Obama is a socialist    

When does she turn 18?

2035 days ago


Tight was always the word I thought of when butt watching.

2035 days ago


welcome to adulthood. crazies everywhere... gigidy, gigidy

2035 days ago


It's funny how those of you hating on a minor either cannot procreate or your parents used your craniums as ashtrays. This is a 17 year-old who ONLY happened to become an Olympian. You people are idiots. Those of you who are idiots with kids should only hope your child is not threatened by someone like this.

As for this guy, again, she is a minor. How can he be held on $35,000 bail. He should not be offered bail. Period.

2035 days ago


This poor girl. The only pseudo-celebrity with a shred of morals. God bless her!

2035 days ago


Some of you people are jut plain jealous and sick. Keep our little Shawn safe and bring her home.

2035 days ago


Mrs. Getreal, you are either misinformed or an idiot. A gun never killed anyone - people misusing them do. Using your logic, we should ban all knives, too. And while you are at it, probably should get rid of cars and electricity - after all, they can be used to kill someone also. Just look at Washington D.C. - they have probably the toughest gun control laws in the nation, yet they have one of the highest crime rates, because criminals know that law-abiding citizens have no way to protect themselves. Statistics show that cities that allow their citizens to legally possess firearms have a MUCH lower crime rate than those that don't. Use your brain - if this freak that was stalking Shawn knew she was packing, do you think he would have messed with her? You and your kind would have all law-abiding citizens turn their guns in to the government. The problem is that then, only CRIMINALS would have weapons. I don't know why I am wasting my time trying to convince you because you will never get it until some thug is breaking into your home and you have no way to protect yourself. Until then, keep worshiping your savior Obama - he and the other socialist are going to make things all better.

2035 days ago
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