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Ben Vereen Super Pissed at Supersmile

3/27/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because Ben Vereen uses your product and goes on tape saying he uses your product, that doesn't mean you can tell people Ben Vereen uses your product. We'll explain.

Ben is suing a company called Supersmile. According to a lawsuit filed yesterday, Ben showed up at a gift suite at the TV Land Awards in 2007 and was handed some Supersmile toothpaste. Vereen says he had a quick interaction with a spokesmodel that was videotaped, and that was he thought.

But then, Ben claims, the company started using the video on their website and on YouTube as a product endorsement ... without his permission.

Ben is seeking damages in excess of $450,000.

Fun Fact: David Foster hit Ben V. with his car on Pacific Coast Highway back in 1992. It was an the story goes.


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Capt Jack    

Just another paycheck for the lawyers.

2036 days ago



2036 days ago


Which reminds me... what was David Foster's greatest hit? Ben Vereen.

2036 days ago

fans of President Obama    

That was sneaky. If they wanted a righteous endorsement from a celebrity, all they had to do was ask the man. Write up a contract, pay a fair wage and be cool. Instead, they slicked him... just like credit cards try to slick the rest of us with their HIDDEN FEES.

Good for you, BEN VEREEN.

Stand up for yourself.

2036 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

OMG! I remember when Ben was almost killed in that accident, It is not something to joke about, what exactly is wrong with you people!

2036 days ago

Bill Jacobs    

Anytime we can sue, we do. Greed and arrogance rule. Lawyers rule after all.

2036 days ago


I wouldn't exactly say that someone almost dying from getting hit by a car is a "fun fact".

2036 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Company should have known better but geez. $450,000 for that? LOLOLOLOL. Shows up for a freebie room. Bet he won't be getting any freebies in the future.

2036 days ago


$450,000? Really? Just make them take your name off the website. Although most people have never heard of Supersmile and this is giving them lots of free press.

2036 days ago

Linda Mott    

When he wins the lawsuit he can Supersmile all the way to the bank.

2036 days ago



2036 days ago


uh... that fact is fun? ugh, nice.

2036 days ago


I dont blame Ben a bit, I would sue also. For those of you putting Ben down in this column, it is agaisnt the law to use someones image in a siuation like Ben was in, for monetary reasons. Vereen has every right to sue on the grounds he is suing on. If the people who videotaped him had any class, they would have asked the man's permission to use the video on their site.

2036 days ago


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2036 days ago

Shocking news    

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2035 days ago
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