Ben Vereen Super Pissed at Supersmile

3/27/2009 2:15 PM PDT

Ben Vereen Super Pissed at Supersmile

Just because Ben Vereen uses your product and goes on tape saying he uses your product, that doesn't mean you can tell people Ben Vereen uses your product. We'll explain.

Ben is suing a company called Supersmile. According to a lawsuit filed yesterday, Ben showed up at a gift suite at the TV Land Awards in 2007 and was handed some Supersmile toothpaste. Vereen says he had a quick interaction with a spokesmodel that was videotaped, and that was he thought.

But then, Ben claims, the company started using the video on their website and on YouTube as a product endorsement ... without his permission.

Ben is seeking damages in excess of $450,000.

Fun Fact: David Foster hit Ben V. with his car on Pacific Coast Highway back in 1992. It was an the story goes.