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O.C. 'Real Housewife'

Gets Real Threats

3/30/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330_vicki_gunvalsoon_ex-1Cops say someone hates one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" so much, they've actually made threats on her life. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating two death threats received by Vicki Gunvalson. We're told sheriffs believe the two threats came from "a fanatical female fan who takes the show way too seriously."

According to Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino, Vicki received one of the threats through a phone call -- and the other through an email sent to another cast member from the show, Jeana Keough. The email told Keough not to worry about Gunvalson because she "would take care of Vicki for her."

An investigation is currently underway.


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only ONE of those idiots got death threats and it's taken this long I'm very surprised at that for sure. Well it will just give her one more thing to bitch about awwww poor idiots. Isn't there something important going on TMZ like another hooker getting beat up by a guy who sells socks or something.

2034 days ago


No doubt she started this herself just to get her ugly mug more exposure. She's gross. Isn't she the one whose boobs kept wanting to come out and play while she saddled herself up against some random guy? She's gross. Narcissistic pig, yeah, she planted her own story, no doubt.

2034 days ago


That Vicki biatch isi sooooooooooooooo annoying. For some reason she thinks she's all that???? I'm just not getting it. I think she's the ugliest housewife on that show. Come on Bravo...get rid of that idiot and get a hot housewife on there. Bring back Jo!

2034 days ago


Here's some news: the "I before E except after C rule" is a MYTH!

The possessive pronominal adjective 'THEIR' and the adjective 'WEIRD', are just two examples.

There's a few others, but they escape me at the moment.

2034 days ago


Um!! Received is spelled R-E-C-E-I-V-E-D. Don't you remember the rule I before E except after C. Someone needs to go back to school. It is not spelled R-E-C-I-E-V-E-D.

2034 days ago


She shouldn't be so MEAN to other people!!!

2034 days ago


hahahahahahahha! stupid bitch

2034 days ago


It's probably her husband or one of her kids - and who could blame them?

2034 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

She's a very arrogant lady,most people wouldn't like her,I just don't know why Don put up with her s*it,I would divorce her and slam with about half of what she has, her daughter was willing to join the Army to get away from her

2034 days ago


Vicki is so annoying,I can't stand her! When is her husband going to leave her. She thinks she is all that,but she looks way older than she is. A chin plant might help a little. Maybe her and that other woman's son ryan can get plastic surgery together. Ryan is definitely short on the looks and also thinks he is all that.

2034 days ago


Does anybody else think she looks like a fish??? LOL

2034 days ago


Pig nose and rabbit teeth... I'm just sayin'

2034 days ago


Cindy, YOU need spell check..."i" before "e" except after "c"!!!!!

2034 days ago


Okay, first of all, I too wonder if the word "receive" was spelled wrong for awhile and then corrected but either way, most of you aren't getting the entire rule. There are exceptions and here is the complete ruling on this.....Write I before E
except after C or when it sounds like an A as in "neighbor" and "weigh". Now, as for redkiss69, it's the Housewives of Orange County, not Atlanta. I really like the show but think Vicki is very rude to her family, especially her husband. This could be a pr attempt to get her some good, sympathetic publicity. Probably won't work. Just be nice to your friends and family. Works for me.

2034 days ago


Geez, Vicki, what school did you go to?'s RECEIVED! I before E except after C....moron!

2034 days ago
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