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Whose Badonkadonk?

3/31/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This bathing booty surfaced on the beach in Hawaii on Monday. Can you guess whose backside it is?


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So What    

Maria looks pretty damn good if you ask me. 4 kids and mid 40's close to 50? Go pick on someone younger and no kids if you want to play that game.

2011 days ago


I agree with the first commenter - she's in her 50s for heaven's sake and she's birthed four kids. I know women half her age who don't look as good!

2011 days ago


LET ME GUESS: Khloe Kardashian,,,,,no, way too small.....hmmmm, Kim, not enough cellulite....hmm how bout Mischa Barton in her heyday, yeah that's my guess.

2011 days ago


Shikes she is still gorgeous water retention or not.

2011 days ago


Whatever. Maria IS 53 years old and has had 4 biological children. Who cares if she's not in 'perfect' physical condition? I'm sure most of us aren't......

2011 days ago


Maria looks great. She is 53 and has given birth four times. She's wearing a figure flattering, dark colored one piece and not trying to stuff herself into a bikini. She's a class act. She is the first lady of California and is representing us well.

2011 days ago


omg wtf wow who ass is that

2011 days ago


Who cares?! She still looks pretty good! At least she has enough sense to wear a one piece, unlike a lot of celebs. Hey Harvey...what does your backside look like???

2011 days ago


Gosh, I thought that was MY butt!

I like Maria other than who she married, but as we all know, Love Is Blind.

Her behind looks like most of ours, don't you think???

2011 days ago


She looks really good!! Leave her alone!!

2011 days ago


TMZ - your graphics department would never resort to using photo-shop, or would you? Why does her right leg look relatively smooth, yet her left leg looks like it was culled from another picture? Just asking........

I think this 53 y/o mother of 4 looks great. Don't like her husband much, but I will defend their right to take a vacation. He takes no salary from Cali, as he and Maria are wealthy due to her journalism career and his movie career.

I would like for TMZ to consider that posters here provide pictures of themselves. I'm 41 and I would volunteer.

2011 days ago

Old School    

I hope and I really mean this, I hope that Arnold is so pissed from you guys taking pictures of his woman, I hope that he comes down hard on Tmz and f*&ks you fugly people up and puts you out of bussiness once and for all.

2011 days ago

Old School    

i second graphicdesigner i think that all the people working at tmz should have pictures of there butt out there and let us see how fugly your butts are!

2011 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

I didn't check out the 2nd photo, so I'm just guessing here. It's HUGE, has lots of blubbery fat & cellulite, and looks like it's been pounded sexually by the USC football team. My guess is that queen of slutty attention whores, kim LARDASSian...

2011 days ago


Maria looks a hell of a lot better than she's looked in years. Last time I saw a picture of her, I thought she looked waaaay too skinny, like Skeletor. Here, she looks great! I'm glad to see a little meat on her bones. He face is so much prettier with some flesh on it.

2011 days ago
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