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ATL Housewife Kim

Check Out D's...

4/7/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... deez boobs!!!

Kim Zolciak: Click to watch
"Real Housewives with Fake Weaves of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak's bud said Kim was "high class" -- because nothing says "high class" like the chick who once lied about having cancer telling people to "look at my t*ts."


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2034 days ago


I'm always left speechless by the stuff that comes out of "the real House wifes of anywhere" and "the girls next door". If they weren't taking themselves so seriously it would be funny but it just comes across as sad.

2034 days ago


She couldn't HANDLE cancer. She is a DREADFUL person.

2034 days ago


30?!??! Maybe her boobs are only 30! She's NASTY!

2034 days ago


Slow news day TMZ? Why are you even filming this nobody? Whoever this white trash low class person is, she thinks she is someone. She is a wannabe! Don't give whoever this person is any attention! Her 3 min of fame is over....whoever she is....

2034 days ago


She needs to get rid of that ratty weave / wig / dead animal carcass off of her head!

2034 days ago


TMZ- get your facts straight - she didn;t lie about having cancer - she said her doctors told her she MIGHT have cancer as a reason for her hair loss - rerun the reunion show and LISTEN to what she said. I'm not really a fan of Kim's and she has defintly made some poor personal choices, but slander is slander TMZ - one of these days you're going to get sued BIG!

2034 days ago

Oh Please    

No way is she 30, lol. Does really think people believe this? She is such a loser and I feel sorry for her kids. Anyone that would lie about having cancer is really sick.

2034 days ago


toofastforyou!---your losing it buddy...better come up with something new...! lol

2034 days ago


she shouldnt even have been on real housewives. and high class! ha high class hooker, talking about she 30,30 plus what?

2034 days ago


I live in Atlanta and this, loosly quoted "high class lady" thinks she had big T**TS? Boy thats what I would live life think to pass down to your children what trash you are...I pray that Bravo has enough class not to put this "person" back on the show..please don't show it again..ever. How can a woman lie about cancer when there are so many woman and men out there, including my father, who have had cancer, how DARE you..believe will get what you deserve in the end..we all do!!! For all the woman who live in apologies...please let the world know we are not this piece of trash are we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2033 days ago


That woman is such a gold digging, no talent lying skank. I am not surprised she lied about having cancer, I am only surprised that any man would put a ring on that finger, I hope he gets a pre-nup.
But the fact that her friend/handler called her not just classy but HIGH CLASS! There is just no f'in way. I am more classy than that chick and I fart on my boyfriend. She friggon changed into an outfit in the parking lot of a gas station, not the bathroom but the parking lot. I bet she has that bodyguard because all the women in ATL wanna kick her a**.
And you can tell she's no celebrity she's begging for your camera dudes to talk to her, no one asks for the attention they simply get it. Your guy barely had to say a word!
Sorry that chick burns me up

2033 days ago


Everything about her is FAKE !!! She was AWFUL the way she treated NeNe !!! She was suppose to be her best friend.. Sure hope you neveer got any signing for a singing contract, cause you CAN'T SING at all !!!!!!! What a JOKE !!!!

2033 days ago


This was the "best" show on Bravo. I found it facinating- like watching a train wreck - and they were for real.

2026 days ago

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