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FAA Hearing on Celeb Pilot -- Blow-By-Blow

4/7/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Breaking NewsSo remember the video we got of the pilot who got serviced by a porn star as he flew his helicopter over San Diego? He's the celeb pilot who got in hot water flying Tommy Lee ...

Well there's an FAA hearing underway to permanently revoke the license of one David Martz, and it's almost as entertaining as the in-flight movie.

Several pilots have just testified in the case. One said he would not fly with Martz while he was getting oral sex but would have felt safe with Martz under every other circumstance.

Another pilot, Tim Sears, who has flown with Martz since 2001, testified he would have no problem flying with Martz during oral sex, provided there were dual controls, aka sticks.

Martz then took the stand and choked up, while talking about a mishap in Mexico.

Martz has had his license revoked twice and suspended twice for various violations. After TMZ ran the video of the in-flight oral sex escapade, the FAA temporarily yanked his license.

The hearing continues.

UPDATE: The prosecution argues that had there been one wrong move during the "oral" flight, the porn star could have bitten the pilot's junk off.

Martz legal team countered -- claiming it's NOT reckless to conduct oral sex in an aircraft and that a pilot does not need both hands on the controller at the same time.

More as it comes...


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Capt Jack    


2023 days ago


Why there is even a discussion about this man having a license is beyond me. At this point (two priors), he should not have a license at all.

2023 days ago


Second!!! Wahoo!!!!!

2023 days ago

Red Bull 420    

this is your pointless life..... Page REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH,.................... REFRESH, REFRESH,........... etc.. FIRST !!!!!!!!! lol TMZ you could out smart these ppl. Try adding 2-3 fake "comments" before you post a story... or post 5 or 6 stories at the same time. You don't have to be "toofast" just too smart. Peace.

2023 days ago


Total BS!!
Most pilots have done this or something close to it. Pilots started the so called "mile-high" club.
Hell, sex happens in moving cars too....The FAA is made up of idiots....the same ones that don't want cell phones on in flight. Which by the way is total crap. The airlines want to force you to use their phones.

2023 days ago


As a helicopter pilot (albeit a student), I agree that Mr. Martz' flying days should be over, especially with 2 priors.

His JetRanger may be equipped with an autopilot, but that is no excuse for the incredible safety risk posed by his antics with the porn star, or any other unusual distraction.

Up to now, I was unaware that a license revocation could be temporary! To me, 'suspended' is temporary and 'revoked' is permanent.

Leave it to David to push the 'three strikes' envelope!

2023 days ago


I wouldn't want this guy flying over my house while getting a BJ...he might crash! WTF was he thinking. It's against the rules, then it's wrong. What an IDIOT to put his livelihood in jeopardy.

2023 days ago


Someone should have given the guy a head ups on doing that kind of thing. Ok, that's bad. But it was good for a chuckle.

2023 days ago


OMG what a dirt bag! How dare he put the public in danger like that?!

2023 days ago

Linda Mott    

These men are morons and their lawyers are dirt bags.

2023 days ago


They say its not a violation to have oral sex when piloting, but it is when driving?

2023 days ago


This guy is a thrill seeker which doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad pilot. He is a private operator and if those that hire him aren't concerned then why should the FAA yank his license?

2023 days ago


I've gotten a BJ while driving a car before. Should my driver's license be permanently revoked?

2023 days ago


Who's got the popcorn ??

Sounds like a hella funny hearing to me. They should make a movie out of it.... Will Ferrell could play the uptight comedic presecutor, Harvey Levin can play the flamboyant court clerk. Let me think... Ron Jeremy as the defense counsel. He can call the suprise witnesses, each one more surprising then the last..

C'MON !! Whoooooos with me ???

2023 days ago

charley hardman    

screw TMZ for its sickening role in this. TMZ knows less about aviation than the criminal FAA (your collaborators).

i joined the mile-high club as pilot-in-command (only pilot on board), while also operating the video camera. safely. be quiet, and stop attempting to wreck lives with your inane "OMG, he didn't stop at a stop sign" romper room snitch groping.

2023 days ago
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