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'Hungry Eyes' Singer Eats a Jail Sentence

4/15/2009 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eric CarmenThe guy who sang the '80s hit "Hungry Eyes" is gonna learn the song has new meaning behind bars -- dude is going to jail.

An Ohio judge threw the book at Eric Carmen today for that epic DUI caught on tape from back in September. Carmen was sentenced to 180 days in jail -- but will only have to do 30.

Carmen, a former member of the Raspberries, was also ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

For those who haven't seen the tape, Carmen was absolutely hammered -- dude hit a fire hydrant, and then handed cops his credit card instead of his driver's license. Oh, and he blew a .23, nearly three times the legal limit.

This was Carmen's second DUI. He will begin serving his sentence on April 25.

FYI -- it's because of a moron like Carmen that Nick Adenhart's family is in mourning right now.


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first! burn!

2015 days ago



2015 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

He seems like a good guy and was an important part of the power pop scene, but TMZ is right - richardheads like this kill people every day.

Get drunk as a skunk, but take a cab

2015 days ago


Hey Ralph (#4)

Don't forget Nicole Richie, multi DUI's and drugs; she did a whole 90 minutes in jail. You should also know that all the drunk driving "stars" listed also had drug charges.

If your rich or known in California you have very little chance of being in jail long enough to need the toilet when your convicted of a second or more DUI.

There should be a review of sentences and if a judge fails he or she should be removed. Poor unknown or rich and fameous if you do the crime you should know you will do the time, the same as everyone else.

2015 days ago


I just saw the video on dumbest drivers, or something like that. He tried to give the cop his visa card. LOL

2015 days ago


TMZ-Let's be fair! You say "FYI-it's because of a moron like Carmen that Nick Adenhart's family is in mourning right now".
Well look at all the other morons out there that have made the pathetic choice to drink and drive?? And the celebrity ones-Hulk Hogan's kid, Paris Hilton, Kardashian brat, Mel Gibson, etc. They could have very easily killed people (Hogan's kid almost did!!!) too where family members would be in mourning. So if you're going to call this guy a moron, you should include the other "moron's" out there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want anyone to accuse you of playing favorites and protecting certain celebrity drunks do you???

2015 days ago


I think anyone that gets popped for DUI should get charged with attempted murder!! Stupid idiots can afford cabs, limos and stuff and they still drink and drive!!!

2015 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Betcha he'd rather by in a cell all by himself, contrary to earlier songs.

2015 days ago


Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks....Freaking Mistake by the Lake, and this guy should be the mayor of it.

Terrible place that apparently has produce terrible people like him. He's been driving this way since the early 70's, yet people of his state honor him...

Hope he gets beat up in jail and scared for his life for 30 days and 30 nights, gets extorted and suddenly finds a sobriety that will last him (and us) a lifetime.

Dude hasnt done anything since 91 except drink and drug...clean it up before you kill an innocent jerk wad.

2015 days ago

The DUISPY    

Want to know where dui checkpoints are going to be in your neighborhood? Join today for free!

2015 days ago


I think it's about time he get's time, it isn't his first time drinking and driving... now the streets are safe from at least one A-hole!

2015 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"dude hit a fire hydrant, and then handed cops his credit card instead of his driver's license"


2015 days ago


I live in Ohio and I wish this were the norm. It's not. I know of several people who have multiple DUIs and never spent a moment in jail. All they usually have to do is go to rehab before their trial. Unfortunately that is the norm in northern ohio.

2015 days ago


I wish I were famous, or at least had very rich parents (like Paris Hilton). 30 days for the second dui, I guess 60 days hitting another car, 90 days killing a mother and child. You need to splash this judge's name all over. I didn't see it on the listing. I need to win the lottery and be rich so I can get away with everything. (And no, I have no dui's nor any criminal record).

2015 days ago


Driving drunk is like playing Russian roulette, only with other peoples lives. It's a low life thing to do. There should be zero tolerance for it. 30 days for a second offense...that's an insult to all families who have lost loved ones to worthless alcoholics like this idiot, and to the ones to come in the future because they get right back behind the wheel and do it again. Hey, I got an idea. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

2015 days ago
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