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'Housewife' to Website -- Urine Trouble Now!

4/19/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's safe to say Gretchen Rossi is not's #1 fan.

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"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi is pissed off about a photo that was posted online of her on the toilet. Her lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to the, demanding the pic's removal.

In the letter, Rossi claims the pics were stolen from her and posted without her authorization. The photo is still up on the site.

Here's what we're wondering ... who takes a picture of themselves on the toilet? Just askin' ...


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Circus Circus    

Don't get wasted or let your boyfriends take dirty pictures. Problem solved. I have taken my own advice and NO naked pictures of me exist.

2010 days ago


Please, in this day and age we live in where there is technology that will wipe your ass for you, this woman is shocked this happened to her? This is why these need attention housewives are so laughable. They are just plum happy about being a big TV star, with all the supposed glory, and look where it really gets you!

I have to say I love it. This is such a great time for people watching, I love how full of themselves these loser housewives are! Talk about plain dumb. NOTHING good could ever come out of putting yourself and your family on a reality show.

There is too many examples to start naming names, You know who are. One has a big ass and one has the herpes and one......

I'll stick with my little insignificate life thanks, at least no one is trying to take my picture when I'm picking my ass!

2010 days ago


WTF.....would she let anyone snap a shot of her on the toilet? what a tramp!

2010 days ago


Gretchen is just embarrassed ... like all those "real" housewives of (fill in the blank). REAL housewives are home to care for their children, not sick boyfriends that they are waiting to die, so they can continue this "lifestyle" with HIS money. I think each and every "housewife" on those shows are a JOKE ... and they merely jumped on an opportunity to show the world how sad and worthless they ALL are just for another buck! Look at Vicki and her sad little "love tank" that you couldn't pay her husband to fill, look at whory Gretchen making out with what'a that floozie's kids name ... they are all pathetic! I may not have what they have in the BANK, but at least my husband and I are in love ... at the end of the day, that matters SO much more than your worthless existance! "real" gets what "real" gives! Get a REAL life ladies ... the one you got is laughable to all! Last but not least, keep in mind, we are all laughing AT you, not with you!

2010 days ago


oik oik...... get the grill out the pig is in town

2010 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: Gretchen Rossi -- She Got A Restraining Order Against This Man!

2009 days ago

The Fuzz    

I suppose that Jay will keep leaking photos until Gretchen takes back her lies. Some of the things she accused him of are felonies. She has no intention of showing up in court on May 8th due to the Gumball 3000. Just put a bunch of self-serving bullcrap out there to save face, then cut and run.

2009 days ago


As far as the latest c&d, Gretchen cannot claim the pictures were stolen unless she owns the rights to the pictures. Unless Gretchen contracted for these pictures to be taken - if anyone would it would be Gretchen - the person who took the pictures owns the rights. Gretchen could sue that person to get the pictures destroyed, but cannot claim damages for pictures being stolen than didn't belong to her.

2009 days ago


First , I never understood why she was ever on the show- She and that dark chic who date Slade or Slate - weren't even married.
I guess any publicity is good for these lame as chics on the stupid reality show - Real Housewives... That's what she gets for being a brainless goober-slut- who needs to be socked in the face- maybe it would knock some sense into her gold digging slut of a self . Her now dead fiancee who spent all that money on her must be rolling in his grave.... I guess all the other old bitches dried up Iguana's on the show were right when they knew what she truly was.. To think - I thought they were jealous...

2008 days ago


Gretchen is a slut. BravoTV should drop her from the show. She shouldn't have let anyone take the pictures if she did not want them to become public. She disgusts me.

2007 days ago


LOL what a slut she is LOL

2007 days ago


Isn't that strange "Flweden"(nice fake name there), I've seen comments from you bashing Gretchen in the past. She is and will continue to be popular whether you like it or not. And "Joe" (as if a guy would even know or care about this show) can we please get some real people here commenting?

2004 days ago


For all of you obsessed Gretchen fanatics------awww so Sad to Bad. Gretchen is a lying manipulating disgusting white trash slut. The sooner you accept this the better off you will be. Gretchen is a toilet tramp. lol lol lol

1999 days ago


You seem to be obsessed with anyone posting against Sluty Gretchen. Oh Lisa you need to get your head out of Gretchen's A$$ you are seriously showing signs of brain damage from the oxygen deprivation!!! You need to face it.....Gretchen is a White Trash, gold digging Toilet Tramp

1998 days ago


Are you serious attacking a poster for having a fake name??? I have laughter tears here from your comment. Anyone can have and use any name they choose you obsessed Gretchen moron. What the hell is not real about Flweden? And your other ignorant comment regarding Joe?? You stated Gretchen will be popular whether anyone likes it or not?? another LMAO moment. Gretchen is popular as being a lying Tramp". " Think before you write next time Lisa. But your ignorant post sure gave me a great laugh!!!

1998 days ago
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