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How Much for That 'Slumdog' Kid in the Window?

4/19/2009 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slumdog Millionaire - Rubina AliBeing part of an Oscar winning movie can up your asking price in Hollywood. Apparently it can also up your asking price should your father decide to try and sell you.

Rubina Ali
, the nine-year-old girl who was featured prominently in the Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire," was offered up for sale by her father to undercover reporters working for News of the World, the paper is reporting.

The young child star's asking price was roughly $295,000. According to the paper, the price started off much lower when he first began negotiating the deal. Maybe the father forgot to take DVD sales into account.

UPDATE -- Rubina's dad is flatly denying the whole thing, telling the BBC News it was just a "dirty" operation by News of the World.


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who cares

2011 days ago


You don't sell the goose that lays the golden egg (especially when you live in a place known as the 'slums'). That man is not a father (a "REAL" father would never think of doing this). This girl needs to be adopted out to a family that will love and cherish her, not for the money she can make but, as a human being worthy of love and respect. "That man" is an inhuman, brainless dumb-fu(ck)!

2011 days ago


thats so sad :(

2011 days ago


This is not a joke to be trifled with but a young girls life!!!!!!! You say $295,000 but have they worked in the DVD sales is must ask if she was blonde haired and blue eyed if TMZ wouldn't be so callous

2011 days ago


Has anyone told Madonna yet?

2011 days ago

Linda Mott    

I know #5 was joking about Madonna, but that is not a bad idea. This poor child is at risk, with a father like that. Children are not protected enough by our society. I hope someone gets her away from her father and gives her a good home.

2011 days ago


Why is this so-called father not in jail?

2011 days ago

Dylan Saint-Saëns (    

What type of sale was it. For child slavery or child sex trade? Maybe both. India, w/ such an incredibly large population as the most the worry about in life. Sad.

2011 days ago


omg, that is so sad. i really hope this not true.

2011 days ago

um, no thanks    

This is a sad story but I hope a lot of pressure is put on the powers that be in India and other places around the world to save children in those situations and find them stable, loving families.
India is under the spot light and needs to do the right thing, not only in regard to this child but countless others who are in danger and are left to fend for themselves.

If they don't take some serious action fast we should quit buying products that have customer service or run any aspect of their business in India.
Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been sucked out of this country and sent to India to save money but it looks like the wealth is not being spread around. and if they don't make major strides fast don't support them.
Before you buy a computer or a TV or anything find out where their customer service offices are located. Let big companies and India know you are using you voice to help those who don't have one.

2011 days ago


This is one girl who would be better off with Madonna, poor girl if she can't trust her own father who can she trust? the man should be in jail, the worst part was he was telling people he was doing it to give her a better future, i'm sure the money didn't have anything to do with it, i'm serious though, Madonna should ask to adopt her, she would have a promising future with someone who would care for her and give her the best and her father shouldn't get any profit from it at all, where is this girls mother?? or was she in on it too? Just sad all round.

2011 days ago


Can't Madonna buy her?

2011 days ago


this is so typical of the mind set that men in third world countries and the primitive tribal cultures, that are found in india, pakistan, the middle east. women and girls are nothing more than chattel to them.
women that give birth to baby girls often are forced to murder or abandon their own child, as the husband wants a son, or if they are allowed to keep the girl child, and if she doesn't have a decent dowry, she is often disposed of. either kicked out to the streets, murdered, forced into prostitution, sold to the highest bidding pedophile or set afire.

all one needs to do is go to the amnesty web-site and read about the horrific human rights violations against women and children in these back-wards countries. i do hope that the authorities step in and remove this child and place her with a loving adoptive family and put this greedy, disgusting man in prison.

2011 days ago


Seems hard to believe, but if true, India can stop its disdainful criticism of America right today and begin to tie up a few little loose ends itself.

2011 days ago


Some of what should come out of this movie is an out pouring of disgust and anger at the treatment of women and children in developing countries. Selling girls happens ALL THE TIME in countries like India, Cambodia, Thailand and many developing countries. Don't just gripe about it DO SOMETHING!!! Sponsor a child, advocate against child trafficking, educate yourself to their reality and then do what you can!! This is nothing new, it is just being given a spotlight which is an opportunity for the world to stand up and make a difference.

2011 days ago
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