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How Much for That 'Slumdog' Kid in the Window?

4/19/2009 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slumdog Millionaire - Rubina AliBeing part of an Oscar winning movie can up your asking price in Hollywood. Apparently it can also up your asking price should your father decide to try and sell you.

Rubina Ali
, the nine-year-old girl who was featured prominently in the Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire," was offered up for sale by her father to undercover reporters working for News of the World, the paper is reporting.

The young child star's asking price was roughly $295,000. According to the paper, the price started off much lower when he first began negotiating the deal. Maybe the father forgot to take DVD sales into account.

UPDATE -- Rubina's dad is flatly denying the whole thing, telling the BBC News it was just a "dirty" operation by News of the World.


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Sue Wong    

This is a terrible story, if true. India's one country I wouldn't want to visit. Hot, smelly, dirty and uncivilized with their caste system. It's the largest hillbilly country around and the majority of it's citizens have no Christian values. This child should be taken away immediately before serious harm is done.

1991 days ago

Sue Wong    

Why do people from India think the white man is God? Take care of your women and children. Stop worshiping fake gods and clean up your damn country. Those poor children.

1991 days ago


It would be cool if Madonna or whomever adopted that little girl..but what do you think the loser father would do? He'd ask Madonna for monthly payments or something! You couldn't pay me to go to India, I hate that place and everything it stands for in regards to women. I think we should send them nothing but birth control and don't let any more of them or anyone else in our country! All they do is try to change our ways, then play the racist card when we call them on it!!

1991 days ago


There, women are basiaclly property.

The men are what's important.

Is it right, no,

It is their culture.


1991 days ago


Parent of the year... not!

1991 days ago


Post # 24 - "...I think we should send them nothing but birth control and don't let any more of them or anyone else in our country! All they do is try to change our ways,..."

From what Country did your family originate?
What if your family was not allowed into this country? Where would you be?
I'm pretty sure, the many who came here from your country changed the ways of things here.

Stop being so narrow minded and racist.

1991 days ago


#21 Christian values? What about the California Sunday school teacher that raped and killed the 8 year old girl?

1991 days ago


Thats disgusting...why doesn't somebody arrest him! Poor girl! At least it's being publicized so people see how horrible these poor kids are treated!

1991 days ago


Supposed she is adopted (sold). Once he runs through that money he is going to want more. He will scream on top of his lungs that his little cash cow was improperly removed from him, even kidnapped. Should Madonna be crazy enough to get involved in this, she would essentially be adopting the entire family of leeches.

The only way that kid will make it is if the dad is put in prison for at least 10 years. He has an oustanding weapon charge against him. Once she is old enough, she can abandon that horrible sphere with the money set out by the film producers. Where are the people in Bollywood? Why are they silent? Where is that Pinto gal and Aishwarya Rai and the Bollywood crowd. India is under microscope because of this, and they are looking really bad.

1991 days ago


One child caught on film being beaten because he was too tired to perform by his father. This one being sold into slavery. Maybe Bollywood needs to start looking after their own before the world starts to boycott their films.

1991 days ago


i hope she's removed from that environment immediately. it's a most disgusting story.

1991 days ago


OMG. This is Horrible. This child should be taken away from her father.
Why are they still living in the slums. Didn't the producers and Indian government say they would help the 2 children move out of the slums?

1991 days ago


Those people are whacked! The little boys father beats him, the girl gets SOLD! Take them people! Where is CPS???? This is insane!

1991 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

Am I the only on here who feels the title name of this article is extremely disrespectful to this poor innocent child.

1991 days ago


to the one comment, how can you send money when you don't know who will get it and even what it will be used for? and TMZ, PLEASE stay on this story like you did/do OCTOMOM!! America fell in love with these little kids from that movie and the line starts with ME wanting to know what is happening with this despicable man and this precious little girl!

1991 days ago
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