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How Liddell Warmed Up for Career Ending TKO

4/20/2009 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Liddell psyched himself up hardcore for Saturday night's fight against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua -- unfortunately, it didn't work.

Chuck Liddell: Click to watch
The Iceman was TKO'd in the first round -- with Liddell himself saying it's "probably safe to say" he won't fight again.

It's too bad -- Chuck's one of the coolest mother f**kers on the planet.

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Some you win and Dim Sum you lose

2010 days ago


I think it's time that Chuck hangs up the gloves. He and the other "oldies" of the UFC can't hang with the younger guys that they're putting in the cage. I really hate to see him go - I love the Iceman. If that was the last time we see him in action, thanks for the great fights, Chuck.

2010 days ago


I was pulling for him. It seemed weird though. The hit that did it didn't seem like much at all, but he seemed completely dazed by it...well, that and the little dose of ground and piund he got.

I will miss Chuck. He is a legendendary bad a$$. He always reminded me of a guy you would see killing someone in a parking lot brawl at a motorcycle bar. LOVE YOU ICE MAN!!!

2010 days ago


I'll have to agree with no. 2 in regards to Chuck; great fighter and he's given us a lot of entertainment over the years but it's time for him to retire.

Shogun is pretty bad ass though and you can't take anything away from Lidell for losing to him.

2010 days ago


If you get a chance, read Chuck autobiography "My Fighting Life" is so awesome just like Chuck. It's sad to see he's done in this way. Course, Anderson Silva put everyone to sleep during his bout.

2010 days ago

um, no thanks    

Dana White always seems to put his foot in his mouth. He just said," Liddell would need not just a win, but an impressive win to continue his career. “He helped build this company and he helped build this sport, but even Michael Jordan had to hang them up when he turned 40.

Dana, please don't act like Chuck could still make UFC a lot of money but he is done because of his age of 39. You know damn well UFC 101 will be promoting a 45 year old Couture so you are about to sell a fight with a man half a decade older than Chuck.
If Randy and Chuck were fighting in August Chuck would be favored. I like Randy, who doesn’t but please.

The best fighter in MMA by far is and has been Fedor but because don’t have him around your finger you sell type and hype. Maybe you can quit being a greedy control freak and share the pie to match Fedor up with someone before he retires or at least let Tito kick your rear end on pay per view, I would buy that one.

2010 days ago


Chuck being done gives me a sour stomach. It all has to end sooner or later, but it is so hard to see my hero leave. God bless the Iceman !!!

2010 days ago

northern gypsy    

u know C.L. is a crowd fav...even with him losing...he's got solid fan support...
smart decision chuck...it's time to hang it up !!!
bottom line...it's all about winning...

2010 days ago


#6 Totally agree with you, Dana White is a greedy prick....UFC 97 in Montreal sucked really bad, I won't go back again, lots of booing from the crowd, the Card was disappointing to say the least, the main fight was just brutal, people walked out before it was even over, I want my money back Dana White....people started cheering GSP....I was waiting for REFUND REFUND...Boo to the UFC and Dana White.

2010 days ago


Agree with those who say Dana's greedy. And also agree about UFC 97 stinking on ice. OMG. I was hoping that Leites would at least show up for the title bout. I think he was star struck maybe? I can't stand Silva. I think he's a great fighter but I just don't enjoy watching him. Dana needs to remember he's where he is because of fans.

2010 days ago

mike jones    

The small dude might be able to knock a few folks out. That’s Sammie Henson an Olympic silver medalist in rasslen. Cool dude. Welp see ya later.

2010 days ago

Kid Charisma    

Someone was messing with Chuck Liddell and kept telling him that the continental breakfast buffet was ready. The poor, frog-bellied chap nearly lost him mind running around the hotel lobby ranting and raving about hash browns with gravy.

2010 days ago

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