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Miss Cali Claims She Was 'Biblically Correct'

4/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she alienated the gay and lesbian audience and probably lost the crown by saying "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman," but Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean has no regrets.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Matt Lauer gave Carrie a second chance to answer the controversial question this morning on "Today." Her answer: "The way that I answered might have been offensive ... but for me, it was being biblically correct."


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People don't choose to be gay. No one chooses to be apart of a minority group that will be vilified and denied basic rights. Gay people can't help being gay any more than I can help being a heterosexual. It's not a choice, it's who they are. The so-called Christians who are "biblically correct" should actually read the Bible, specifically the teachings of Jesus and not the anonymous writers who wrote the Bible a hundred years after Jesus's death. This woman is a twit and as a Californian, I'm appalled this woman is representing my state to the world. Take the crown away from this hypocritical skank and give it to someone who can represent California properly. If she wants a purpose, she can go make the futile effort to breathe life into last death throes of the Republican party.

1965 days ago


Shouldn't the gay and lesbian community be standing behind her and her right to free speech? After all, they should know a thing or two about being repressed and attacked for their beliefs.

1959 days ago


12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 1 Timothy 2:12
So if Gay people are wrong, I guess all women should shut their mouth while men are speaking and have no authority over men and also their responsible for the sin in the world, RIGHT! OK Bible gay thumpers read your Bibles fully now, either take the whole Bible literally or close your 'biblically correct' mouth!
Thanks ;)

1959 days ago


pageants like this ask for a politically correct answer...I've been there done that, and she was wrong. I know she's already won, I'm not whining about it because quite frankly it's not like I'll care about her after I'm done typing this but you have to give a politically correct answer. that's just how it goes.

1959 days ago


#211: How stupid were we Americans when we were saving all of your ungrateful asses from the Germans?

1953 days ago


Umm, the Bible also says that women should keep silent in church, so Miss Prejean was not being "Biblically correct" when she spoke on the stage of a church in San Diego.

1946 days ago


Open mouth, insert foot and lie, lie, lie. The woman would not know the truth if it struck her in her exhibitionist little butt.
Get some moral and start practicing some decency before getting on your pedestal and preaching. People hate a hypocrite.

1930 days ago


what, she doesn't have a right to her opinion?.

1980 days ago


Right or wrong, I respect her for standing up for her beliefs.

1980 days ago


I think if Perez Hilton is being such a cry baby about not getting his way than he should take it up with our president Barack Obama. He answered the question in the exact same response during the election. Perez hilton is a perfect example of a new form of homosexual bigotry toward straight religious women. What? Is he going to take on god and the bible now? someone please shut this guy up.

1980 days ago


I am not getting this... She was asked this question, so she is entitled to give her opinion. If you chose to be gay, then thats your right, and it should be respected. If she choses not to agree with the lifestyle, than she should have the same respect.

1980 days ago


I have to was her opinion and to "lose" the crown based on whether her opinion was acceptable to the gays and lesbians in the audience is ridiculous!!

1980 days ago


She may have (supposedly) stood up for what she believed that night, but she's lying her ass off right now. Being in a beauty pageant automatically makes her shallow, so I don't believe for ONE SECOND that she wouldn't change her answer if she had known it would be the difference in her winning or not.

On a side note with this interview, does Matt Lauer stink? She looks like she is smelling a turd that entire interview.

1980 days ago


Everybody in America does not HAVE to agree on everything. I hoping she didn't lose the crown because of her response, if anything she should hae WON the crown for giving HER OWN TRUTHFUL OPINION! She didn't say what others WANTED to hear like ost other contestants do to get higher points in that area of the contest. Perez may not like what she said, but he should of agreed to disagree and not made a big stink about it. Its America, freedom of speech is one of the few things we still have. I give her kudos for not retracting her statement just to please everyone who's making a big to-do about it! She's miss America in y eyes right now!!

1980 days ago


This is a a big load of manufactured controversy...

They have this clown ask a ridiculous question, then wanna condemn the girl for answering it.

The left is on the march..

1980 days ago
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