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I've Got a Claby on Board

4/27/2009 5:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken took his artificial insemination creation -- aka the Claby -- out for lunch yesterday with Tyra Banks at the Beverly Hilton in L.A.

 Clay Aiken : click to view!

Still no word if Clay's trying to rent a womb at the Tyra hotel.


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What an adorable picture! Clay looks so happy. Parker has his daddy's ears and hair and will probably be the spitting image of Clay.

1941 days ago


Clay looks to be a very happy dad..I only wish I could see little Parkers face, but Im sure he is adorable.

1941 days ago

Dr. Tom    

This guy is a REAL creep-o!!

1941 days ago


The blurb that goes along with these pictures is extremely rude. TMZ, you should be ashamed!

anyways, Parker is cute and Clay looks really happy :D

1941 days ago


What a sick tool, enough with the baby already, we saw it once on the People magazine cover and that was once too many.

He was dumped by his record company because his last album sold just 3,000 copies. No one one cares about this ugly one hit wonder, only his 70 year old fans.

1941 days ago


I'm not a "claymate" however, I distinctly remember wishing he would have won over Rueben Studdard. I have not followed his career per se, but I know he's been on Broadway, know he and the older woman (was it his manager?) got pregnant and had a baby and are co-parenting him, and he finally came out of the closet (good for him). As for your pictures TMZ, it appeared to me of the 5 pictures, several we're simply repeat pictures of the same shot. No face shots of the baby. The baby is cute, appears happy, Daddy looks happy, that's what matters!!! Tyra looks disengaged (what's new). As for the picture of Tyra's Mom blocking most of the picture taken, why even bother posting that picture (like we wanted to see her entire backside view, c'mon now). I'm glad the majority of the posts left here were positive posts and not ignorant and cruel towards Clay and his orientation.

1941 days ago


"artificial insemination creation"
Seriously? Who the hell writes this crap?

1941 days ago


That is effing disgusting. He's the white version of Michael Jackson, with all the crap he's doing to his face and he should not be a parent. Douchebag.

1941 days ago


TMZ, you people are so odd. I sometimes wonder what planet you dropped from. You and all your minions know full well that this baby is not the product of a rented womb. He lives with his mother, Jaymes Foster, and is being raised by a loving mother and a loving father. I just don't get why you strange people would go after a sweet innocent baby and use ugly derogatory terms about him. Who are you cynical pathetic people?

1941 days ago


You've got some writers that are just plain mean. This was such a NASTY post. TMZ - you should be ashamed!

1941 days ago


Tyra was getting her camera ready to take pictures. Why is TMZ so mean to Clay?

1941 days ago


Thanks for the photo. I'm glad Clay's not hiding away, just living his life, which seems to be going just fine for him & his. Someone said something about what he's doing to his face (a la Michael Jackson?) -- he had tooth veneers a couple years ago (wish I could afford that, I'd sure do it too!) and he's had jaw surgery for TMJ which I understand is a painful condition for anyone. So he's got the bucks, why not fix things? He's not trying to change his looks. I don't get why so many people think it's okay to put others down. If you like different music, more power to ya, move on, there's nothing to see here. For those of us who like Clay's voice (not necessarily every song he picks to sing), well why shouldn't we get to enjoy what we like? Live and let live.

1941 days ago


all of these posts with their one sylable named posters have a creepie Stepford quality to them. either there is one person just posting the same type of comment or the call went out to a bunch of Clay fans that TMZ put something up about him and they all needed to rush over and post "Awww, what an adorable photo". Very creepy.

1941 days ago


Thanks for the pictures, TMZ. The comments, not-so-much. Cute baby and cute daddy.

1941 days ago


Well, Kathy #69 - if no one but his 70 year old fans care about him, why is your ugly venon being spouted here?

1941 days ago
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