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Speidi's Honeymoon on the Swine Flu Riviera

4/28/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clueless newlyweds Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag aren't letting a pandemic influenza outbreak get in the way of their honeymoon, so they headed down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Although swine flu comes from pigs, the CDC has not confirmed if this latest strain originated from Spencer.

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Jesus H Christ when will it freakin end. I hope they DO DO DO catch the pig flu PLEASE someone with a relative in Mexico that knows someone.....send them to Cabo and FAST chop chop look for all the damn tv cameras around and the 2 blonde media whores and you'll know you've found them and than INFECT them with the pig flu PLEASE we're begging you PLEASE. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR? PLEASE

1972 days ago


I hope these two contract Swine Flu, die, and we no longer have to look at their lame asses ever again. I wish they would just totally disappear.

1972 days ago

Amazed at your stupidity!!!    

Hey, you fu(#ing retards at TMZ, the swine flu is not anywhere near the pandemic stage!!!!

Way to spread fear with your ignorant commentary on these two self-absorbed nitwits!!!

1972 days ago


Geezzzus, someone please sprinkle some of that flu germ around them. We may not know it yet but they are spreading something deadly among us. What a pair of numbnuts!!

1972 days ago

Mandy C    

Is she prego?????? Look @ that gut! The other fake photos her tummy is flat. So what's up??

1972 days ago


Wow, they have to be the two biggest idiots alive. Why on earth you go to Mexico at this point?

1972 days ago


Im sorry but if your going to go someplace were the government has already sugested to not go because if some deadly virus is as and you STILL insist on going.... your a damn fool!!! for this i hope you come down with some of the symptoms!! you deserve that just for being THAT STUPID!

1971 days ago


she is just getting fat...look at her thighs- they are thick and lumpy...maybe they can campaign for some free lipo on Dr 90210...just another example of fame-crazed white trash...but hey- like it is said, "as long as people are commenting- good or bad- it feeds the fame whores" just glad that I was born brilliant, beautiful and well it is obvious- Hollywierd is full of tacky celebuspawns...and "reality" TV has created fame-desperate cattle all clammoring for a chance...haha I make $millions a year in my pj's and could buy them with the change floating in my sorry guys-(Speidi) not all haters are just are desperate for what people like ME have- in your quest for fame...

1970 days ago


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1970 days ago


Who the hell are these people?

1969 days ago
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