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Mel Gibson

Out with the Other Woman!

4/29/2009 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know which of the many Oksanas Mel Gibson has actually been hooking up with -- because he took her out on the red carpet last night!

Mel Gibson & Oksana
Gibson, whose wife Robyn filed for divorce earlier this month, showed off his new arm candy in Hollywood, holding hands with 39-year-old Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva at the premiere of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."


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Is it okay for him to date Eastern Orthodox?

1971 days ago


Here are some random thoughts.

She's either looking for her 15 minutes of fame or there is something working for them.

His wife must have done something for him to leave for this. Or he's goofier than I thought.

If I wasn't with my wife for the last 41 years I'd be looking for his ex. She needs to trade up.

1971 days ago

Wanda W.    

Never cared for that man or his movies. I always thought he was too full of himself, and was a racist, woman hating, hypocrite of a man. Now, events have proven me right. A do as I say, not as I do kinda man,that describes him,and he has balls of steel to flaunt that woman he carried on with.

1971 days ago


Will you dopes on the liberal west coast realize that Catholics have sex! OMG!!!
My sainted Catholic mother had sex at least 11 times since there was 10 of us born and one dead born. OMG Catholics have sex! Big news story!
Havent they been seperated for over two years.
If it was anyone else TMZ wouldn't care so much.

1971 days ago


#34 Bob --------- Yeah, your thoughts are random alright. Let me clue you in. Women her age ARE NOT physically attracted to men Mel Gibson's age. That's a no-go from time immemorial. What she's attracted to is his money. That makes her little more than a common street tramp. Not a criticism - just an observation. The girlfriend is no better than your common corner prostitute. The only difference is that this one is looking for one big paycheck rather than a bunch of small ones. She'll never have to work again. AND, look how OLD Mel looks standing next to her. But hey, if they think they're happy, so be it.

1971 days ago


Mel is goofier than anybody previously thought.

1971 days ago


She makes him look so old.

1971 days ago


#36 hey: You obviously only read TMZ (sad). This article is all over ALL the news sites. Dummy.

1971 days ago


That's too funny, #25.

1971 days ago


She was married to Timothy Dalton, a brilliant British actor who played 007 in a couple of Bond movies, with whom she has a son. They separated a couple of years ago, perhaps when she met Mel Gibson. I think that she is an attractive woman but he looks terrible, the drink has certainly got to him.

1971 days ago


Brenda, what do you mean "that's a Catholic for ya"? what does that mean? explain please. Mel and robyn have been seperated for 3 years, I just read that mel and oksana have been dating for 3 years.hmmmmmm.Oksana loves Mel you can tell and he loves her but it won't last.

1971 days ago


Mel claims to be a devout Catholic - what a hypocrite.

1971 days ago


Mel hasn't been a devout Catholic for many years, he was just being a hypocrite. His soon to be ex-wife can only do better but if I was her, I would stay single. Why should she get married anyway? If she wants a man in her life, she can just date him.

1971 days ago


He's been separated for close to 3 years. Not surprising a gossip site would not clear that up while "reporting" on his social life.

1971 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Man you bunch of morons on this site never cease to amaze me. So what if he's dating someone. Who the hell cares. It's like you all are bashing him for getting a divorce. Half the marriages in this country end up in divorce. Mel Gibson isn't any different than anyone else out there. I bet most of your parents are divorced too. Does that make them horrible people? Damn, STFU already.

1971 days ago
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