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Mel Gibson

Out with the Other Woman!

4/29/2009 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know which of the many Oksanas Mel Gibson has actually been hooking up with -- because he took her out on the red carpet last night!

Mel Gibson & Oksana
Gibson, whose wife Robyn filed for divorce earlier this month, showed off his new arm candy in Hollywood, holding hands with 39-year-old Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva at the premiere of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."


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God, she is really UGLY!

Robyn always was and still is a BEAUTIFUL lady inside and out. This one is most likely as ugly inside as she is outside otherwise she wouldn't have taken up with a married man!

I used to like Mel but not anymore.

It was just FINE when Robyn gave him 7 kids and stayed home to raise them plus put up with him all those years.

Now that the kids are grown with exception of one son I believe who is still very young he doesn't need her, he throws her aside like garbage.

Well, Mel dear, THIS thing hanging on your arm is GARBAGE! UGLY garbage at that!

If he WANTED "Octomom", why didn't he just go get HER instead of this clone? Both are just as ugly AND she already has FOURTEEN kids already for you

I was feeling sorry for Robyn that he did her this way but I totally think he's done her a huge favor!

Robyn's still a beautiful lady & young. I hope that SHE goes out and finds someone YOUNG, handsome and who will treat her better than Mel has.

If I were her, I'd be laughing my head off watching him make a total fool out of himself with this ugly money-grabbing slut on his arm and I'd enjoy all those millions she's going to get for having to put up with him all those years

If ANYONE deserves HALF or MORE of all those MILLIONS, it's Robyn!

She gave up most of her life for him and then got tossed aside like all the old guys in H'wood do - for some younger woman. They give up the women who have stood by them and helped them GET rich and famous so do I have any sympathy for Mel or any of those old guys who toss away their first wives like that? NOOOO!

I hope Robyn gets most of his money, holdings and property. She deserves it ALL.

After having seven kids for him and raising them pretty much by herself I'm sure, and putting up with him and his tantrums while he became rich and famous, she totally deserves MORE than half IMHO

As for you Mel? You're nothing but dirt and I'm sorry I was EVER your fan. You're a total loser and this thing you have on your arm and tossed Robyn aside for? You'd better tie a bone around her neck or a dog wouldn't even play with her! But she's just another money-grubbing slut who has grabbed on to an "old" man - you two deserve each other!

1973 days ago


she looks like something someone scraped off their shoe bottoms ON the red carpet!

yes indeedy, what a GOOD CATHOLIC you are Mel!

you're a lying, cheating, nasty man

Robyn's SO much better off without you. I wish HER well and hope she gets all your money and finds love with a man that deserves her. You sure don't!

1973 days ago


wow. that is disturbing. first because she is not pretty but beauty is in the eye of the, he is going thru a mid-life crisis and when he wakes up, he will have already lost alot more than his money, respect. Money he can get back... and seriously, did he have to bring her to a

1973 days ago



1973 days ago


The man has been separated from his wife for three years, there is nothing wrong with him dating again. They just announced they were getting divorce, but him and his soon to be ex-wife haven't been together for a pretty long time now. If he was any normal guy people wouldn't think twice about him dating again, but since he is a celebrity, people think it is completely wrong that he is dating after being single for three years.

1973 days ago


Do I detect a bald spot int he back of Mel's head with a major comb over? He looks very stressed out and tired which he should be. Eye candy won't fix that problem. That is something within himself that he needs to deal with.

1973 days ago


This is WHOREDOG Mel's attempt to legisize his whore.... he isn;t even divorced yet!!! He gives Cathlotics a bad name...burn his church....what a bitch..thge man not the whore... GGGGOOO Robin.........Mel you suck...

1973 days ago


I love how it's always the so called "religious" ones who cheat on their wives, abuse alcohol, etc.. What a jerk! I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.

1973 days ago


she looks as octomom and jessica alba ... weirdest combination EVER

1973 days ago


Let's see how long this relationship will last, before this Russian Slut takes this old fool to the cleaners. Bitch needs to go back to Russia where she belongs. Mel has made the biggest mistake in his life and will pay for it dearly, no one does not leave this earth without paying what they've done on this earth and Mel will pay.

1973 days ago


He wishes so much he was Brad Pitt.....but all Mel can get is a cheap ass copy kinda look a like.....How dare he.... sure her parents are Proud....Ohh, my daughter is involved with a Whoredog.....and still married...and is in a mid-life crisis...I'm soooo proud... Get agrip Mel...Hope he reads these comments...

1973 days ago


He's been separated from his wife since 2006! And she's not 22 years old. So go for it Mel, life's too short!

1973 days ago



1973 days ago


Not knowing the truth behind the story, gives you people no right to pass judgement on him. Who's to say his wife didn't cause the problems in the first place? Who's to say she gave him the support he needed through hard times? They've been separated for 3yrs. people. He's certainly taken care of her, and given her and the kids a comfortable life. No one knows what caused their problems. I wish them all the best, and I'm sure his wife has, and will do just fine without him. Judging from some of the comments , a lot of you have no business casting stones on anyone.

1973 days ago

that's all    

76. I love how it's always the so called "religious" ones who cheat on their wives, abuse alcohol, etc.. What a jerk! I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners

Posted at 1:15PM on Apr 29th 2009 by Lisa

What the hell are yout talking about? ALOT of men cheat on their wives, religious or not. Brad Pitt cheated on his wife or maybe you believe his bu99sh*T story he didn't. Plus, a ton of other celebreties.

1973 days ago
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