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Taylor Swift Puts Motorists in a Jam

4/29/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops sealed off traffic in all directions ... they blasted their sirens to clear a path ... they forced hundreds of frustrated drivers into horrible gridlock -- all so Taylor Swift could get to the airport on time.

Taylor Swift: Click to watch
While the students at Bishop Ireton High School in Virginia were thrilled that she showed up to their school, the people stuck in the wake of her traffic-stopping motorcade were pissed -- honking, yelling and even getting out of their cars to check on the hold up. And they weren't too happy when they found out who was behind the delay.

Swift was en route to Dulles Airport -- where she boarded a private jet! Talk about Presidential treatment.

UPDATE: According to Britney Spears' Twitter, Taylor Swift was at her Chicago show. That's right, girl got a police escort to the airport so she could make it to Britney's concert. Sound familiar?

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To # 24 -- Taylor Swift is 19 years old. Who are you thinking of?

1974 days ago


#33 - Oops Taylor Dane, never mind.

1974 days ago


first of all it was a private jet that could leave whenver she got there so none of this was necessary. second, why the hell can't these people make their schedules like everyone else???? you have to time your appearances, concerts, interviews and whatever the hell else you're doing so that you can make your flight. if not, you may miss it. case effing closed.

1974 days ago


That shows she has big money behind her and that means power. Her voice is not that good and she has really about spent herself as being popular but they make up an award to give her at the country music awards and then she is working with Disney related acts such as Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, etc so she definitely has gone this far because of her powerful ties.
I really think this was abuse of power of a celebrity and I don't respect it. Shame and her and her management.

1974 days ago


Waste of taxpayer money by star-struck hillbilly "cops". Pampered multi-millionaire celebrity gets preferential treatment from cops while the taxpayers who pay the local cops' salaries get treated to a traffic jam. Guessing the cops kissed Taylor's ass in exchange for a picture or autograph.

1974 days ago


You have got to be kidding me and who in the heck is Taylor Swift....The President?

1974 days ago


Someone okayed this use of city resources. You should be more angry at them - or at least as angry - as you are be at Taylor Swift.

1974 days ago


I like taylor swift but this is just crap that they stop people making them late for work just so some little girl can catch HER PRIVITE jet on time....thats a BIG BS

1974 days ago


Things like this (stopping traffic for a star of any kind) make me so mad, but come on people.........she's a TEENAGER for God's sake. I am sure she didn't ask for's the idiots that handle her and the idiot cops that waste everyones time, including their own!! Don't take it out on her.

1974 days ago


A couple of words come to mind... egregious, disgraceful, wasteful, deplorable, gross, and anonymous (that last one referring to the "singer", whose claim to fame I had to Google, by the way). The cops take 2 or more hours to respond to emergencies in predominantly black or Hispanic neighborhoods and yet they have time to cheuffer some nobody to the airport so SHE CAN GO TO A BRITNEY SPEARS CONCERT????? It'ss bad enough when they escort politicians who have minimal reason to fear an attack, but this is just... beyond words.

1974 days ago


And for the love of God, please stop commenting that you are "first" seeing as how 99.99999% of the time the comment is NOT the first one. It's tired and frankly, quite irritating.

1974 days ago


And YES, you SHOULD blame her. She had the power to say "No, that is ridiculous and I am not going to allow this to happen." These stars can abuse their employees and managers and assistants into doing whatever they want them to, including rooting around in a bag of dog sh!t apparently, so don't say she didn't have anything to do with this. She's a teenager alright, a self-centered brat.

1974 days ago

Sarah Mac    

People in Alexandria should be used to that kind of traffic. Not a big deal. Plus, if you were running late for the airport wouldn't you want traffic cleared for you? Don't be jealous.

1974 days ago


Thats absolutely stupid. Tell her ass to leave early enough like the rest of us so she isnt late!!!!!

1973 days ago


Can I now sue for equal treatment under the law when I have to catch my plane and the police fail to clear a path for me??? If not WHY??????

1973 days ago
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