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Kelis Files for

Divorce from Nas

4/30/2009 10:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis wants to end her marriage to Nas -- even though she's seven months pregnant.

Nas and Kelis
TMZ has learned Kelis filed for divorce today in L.A. County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. She is asking for spousal support and child support. She is also asking for joint legal and physical custody of their unborn child.

We've learned the couple separated in the last two weeks.


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For Real    

For Real if you dont know who they are you live under a rock NAS had the biggest RAP battle against Jay Z about whos the BEST RAPPER So DUH He's Famous and Kelis MilkShake brings all the boys to the yard. Just watch MTV

1966 days ago


Too bad about their marriage. Nas' rap is too deep for some of you that's why you don't know who he is. He doesn't make music for the masses but a message for the mind.
Kelis had a successful career before 'Milkshake'. Do your research peple.

1966 days ago

tippy katz    

Their music sucks, that's why more people don't know OR care who they are.
My god, she is a pig faced skank.

1965 days ago


whose people who said they dont know who nas and kelis are i could slap you.kelis her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and nas where do i start....

1965 days ago


Really! Who cares. And damn she's ugly. I would give her everything just to not have to look at her again. Get a blood test. I'm white i have heard of them and still don't care. Rap and hip hop are folk music with a hevier beat. Not real music because they can't sing real music.

1965 days ago


Wow seriously! I read all the comments and they hurt me... if okay to not me interested or to care for someone but why comment? It makes me think you do kno who they are and you are just hurtful .. as for the racist comments yuck our president is black get over it and I don't like rap I am not black but some people here are just stupid

1965 days ago

Renee Okc    

I have read all the blogs and i am surprised they lasted this long also but more has gone down here then we know they both are probably cheaters and about her making a sex tape whatever she has done he has continued to stay with her we all no our the music business is and we've heard this song and dance before so its nothing new. Also i seen that some said she was using him for his money or status but i find that hard to believe because she hasn't come out with anything in awhile so if she was using him she would have been all out there earlier than now (just my opinion) Now i do believe she waited until she was with child so now she will not have to worry about working for the next 18 years because who gets divorced at 7 months unless they have a abusive relationship Hey if it can happen to Chris Brown and Rhianna it can happen to anyone we all know this i say we wait and see what comes out before we start judging either of them i think he is still CUTE EVEN THOUGH HE IS OLD NOW.....

1965 days ago


Why would you marry a woman who was messing around with her own producer? (pharell) cant turn a hoe into a housewife, lesson learned

1965 days ago


First off...why are you playing the race card here? I agree 100% that Kelis and Nas are both very intelligent individuals but there is no need to be ignorant! So they getting divorced, so does everybody else!

1965 days ago


Spousal and child support? Greedy, greedy, greedy. She made her own money, she can support herself.

1965 days ago


I am glad Nas is getting a Divorce from that Freak. Nas Lyrics is good. With that dam Wife in the way. The beats don't sound good like the use to. Go and make the World good beats again. Get the right Producer! The World need good Music again.

1964 days ago


it is very tragic that ppl on here are sooo freaking ignorant with such dumb comments, for those who dont know who Nas is GOOD he doesnt need the fan based, . Nas is the man who is devoted to his craft, who tells it like it is and has stayed true to himself. Only someone who follows hip hop and knows it and understands it values this great artist and knows what he has contributed to it over the years. he is my all time fav lyricist among many others ..

1964 days ago



1962 days ago


some of you are asking who are these people guess what i know and guess what else why would you respond to something you don't have a clue too you asking all of these question but don't know who the two people are that is sad maybe you should stick to people you do know and all of these who what whens and where wouldn't come up i am sure theres a lot of people that knows these two they been around forever how sad

1917 days ago

SR Mosby    

Daammn sorry 2 hear that. Guess things werent as good as alot thought. N alot of these comments show that ppl dont kno what real hip hop is. NaS is 1 of the greatest lyricists of all time and Keis is that girl who did the milkshake song. Do research b4 u put idiotic comments up. If you didnt know who they were in the 1st place why would you even continue 2 read the article and then after leave a stupid comment?

1878 days ago
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