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Susan Boyle Is Risen

4/30/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last week's Internet singing sensation Susan Boyle posed for her Vogue magazine cover shoot outside her Scotland home on Thursday.


Suze's hair and makeup compliments of a good night's sleep, outfit by J.K. Rowling's Hogwarts Robe Collection. The bloodless legs are her own.


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She has a mustache.

1972 days ago

brits ok    

Keep it up TMZ. You're doing a good job. Where better can the ignoble and ignorant masses go to get their pathetic egos stroked by beating up on someone else. Imagine the delight and validation you bring to these shallow and cruel people. How wonderful that the truly talentless can feel better about themselves by mitigating the worth of the truly talented. Here they can take the ugliness of their owns lives and project it on someone else just because they are jealous babies without the maturity or intellect to deal with their own failings. I have to say I feel priviledged just to have seen this picture, and read the insightful comments regarding her appearance. Gee maybe this will get you that Pulitzer.

1972 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I'm glad she isn't American, cause then the Republicans would b looking to put her on the 2012 ticket, they LOVE a woman who can dominate the media, no qualifications necessary!

1972 days ago


You do realize that voices she is able to produce is littered all over the world right?.

It is because she looks less then your typical gorgeous ho', great work ethics, and a christian like mind that got her the attention.

Hell, go watch last weeks 스타킹, there were 8-12 year males and females singing with better clarity, higher pitch, and a forceful deliverance then this 15 minute fame.

She can sing, but she won't sell; just like Paul A.

1972 days ago


I'm sick of hearing about this carnival freak. Hope her 15 minutes are almost up.

1972 days ago


She's a dude!

1972 days ago

Sexi Lexi    

Now I know what Jack Black looks like if he were a chic.

1972 days ago


Is it me or does she look like Jack Black?

1972 days ago

Patrick Joseph    

I'm sick and tired of seeing that fugly R-tard every day, isn't her 15 minutes of fame gone already!

1972 days ago


She does have a great voice, no arguing with that. But in this picture, she looks just like Jack Black.

1972 days ago


Her voice is so beautiful...on some Billie Holiday classic ish! She's a beautiful woman..chill out! Can't wait when she drop a CD, it will go in my classic collection!

Image does matter in this industry...but things we consider unattractive could possibly be attractive in other areas!


1972 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

I hope Jack Black is buying the movie rights to her life story. I smell an Oscar if he plays her!

1972 days ago

Linda Mott    

Be careful Harvey, I hear she has a more powerful punch than Todd Bridges.

1972 days ago


Wow you guys suck. Leave the poor woman alone.

1972 days ago


Why can't the press leave her alone. Nobody looks good when they first get up. They are trying to humiliate this woman in every way possible. Just LEAVE HER ALONE.

1972 days ago
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