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Kate Walsh's Hubby -- Don't Gag Me!

5/5/2009 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Walsh's estranged hubby, Alex Young, has just filed legal papers asking a judge NOT to grant an order blocking his efforts to get financial info from Kate's accounting firm.

Kate Walsh
The accounting firm has asked for the order, arguing that it has given Young all the info he needs to proceed in the divorce, and he's harassing them.

Young says during his 14 month marriage, they made several hundred thousand dollars in improvement to their home and they purchased more than $800,000 in furniture.

He says when he moved all he had was the clothing on his back. He says he's been asking for info about the money sunk into the house and he says he was told the firm was siding with Walsh, not him.

Young says his accountant caused him "overwhelming stress," adding the accounting firm is trying to smear him.
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So TMZ wanna tell us about this new hearing for attorney fees? Does that cheapo Young really want her to pay his costs?

1988 days ago



1999 days ago


Why doesn't this guy get a job. What is he a geriatric K-Fed?

1999 days ago


I bet you're FIST again. and again and again. fReAk.

1999 days ago


Developing huh? Does this mean that we get to see those papers? Or will the other site beat you?

Alex Young you should just quit while you are ahead.

1999 days ago


Loser! What a douchebag!

1999 days ago

Charlie Abbott    

Okay boys and girls I'm back with another episode of can you smell the B.S.?

Once again ask yourself why TMZ is not posting the court papers when they always post Kate's court papers?? That's because Laura Wasser has a very special relationship with TMZ and adding to that is the spinmeister publicist Annette Wolf. Notice how they don't print the name of the business management firm or the accountant either. How come?? The firm is London & Co and the accountant is Andrew Meyer.

How would you feel if your business manager, the person you trusted with your entire financial life was refusing to provide you with your own financial paperwork and every time you asked they ran screaming to websites that you were harassing them.

What an absurd farce all of this is!

The "spin" that has happened on this case is ridiculous and the truth is coming.

1999 days ago


@ Charlie Abbott all you do in every Kate/Alex divorce story on TMZ is talk about this alleged "truth" which you insist you have privileged knowledge of. Enough already, either out it, or STFU!

I bet you are a fraud who knows nothing, except how to read.

1999 days ago

Carrys F.    

Why can't TMZ ever get a DECENT photo or video, and yet they continue to make money? These pictures SUCK the big WANKER!

1999 days ago


I think he deserves...........a ham sandwich and a roadmap.


1999 days ago


"He says when he moved all he had was the clothing on his back" - Guess Kate kicked him out then ! Would explain why she's contested the date of separation as earlier. She kicks him out and then he files to beat her to the punch, and now he's harassing the accountants. What a douchebag. He's an Exec at Fox which says it all though...

1998 days ago


I think it's all about TMZ & siding with Kate & makes hubby look bad.

1998 days ago

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