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Chris Brown's Lawyer Runs with Rihanna Pic

5/7/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownWe've now obtained the discovery motions filed by Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, asking for all written statements and reports from the LAPD regarding the photo of Rihanna posted on TMZ.

Geragos believes the photo was leaked by an LAPD officer -- He writes, "...this highly prejudicial photograph was sold by an LAPD officer to the entertainment website, Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ). The photograph was immediately viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers and was plastered on every news channel for the following weeks."

Geragos wants notes from the Internal Affairs investigation, along with police officer notes and other documents, stating, "I intend to use such evidence at the preliminary hearing to attack their credibility. The defense intends to prove and argue that the afore-mentioned officers are not credible and that the Court should not believe some of their statements."

Geragos adds, if the court has questions about the credibility of officers in the case, "I believe there is a reasonable likelihood that the case will be dismissed at the preliminary hearing."


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Attacking the credibility of the police has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna..what a stupid delay tactic! The picture says it all!

1961 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

To all you haters I say...................... HA HA!!! You mess with potential jury pools and you get a case thrown out. I have a family member who works for the state justice dept. and he said that the leaks will cause the case to be thrown out... And Chris has NO priors so he WONT serve jail time anyway... SUCK ON THAT!!!!! You all just want ot hate on a kid you dont know and some of you never heard about untill now... HA HA, EVERYONE IN THE U.S.A IS ENTITLED TO A FAIR HEARING IN A COURT OF LAW!!! He wont get that because of the leaked photo.. so sucks to be all you haters,,,, He aint going ANYWHERE!!!!!

1961 days ago


Chris Brown will never go to prison over this. Those throwing out "statisics" need to stop. MOST defendants in domestic abuse cases don't go to prison the first time they beat someone. Please know that. And how is it TMZ's fault that the pics got leaked? They didn't force a dirty cop to sell them...but greed made the LAPD OFFICER sell that picture. So put the blame where the blame is due. Everyone is HATING when they really don't even know how many abusers have been arrested but never gone to prison. Get a clue people...

1961 days ago


I totally agree 100%%% percent with the above statement! Everyone is going after Chris because he is a successful black young person. What happens when a white person does the same like the kid from Sandlot TMZ posted! His story is gone and why do you think because he is WHITE!! Leave this young kid ALONE!! Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a chance!! Again stop with all the discriminating against Chris and find a real story such as how BRITNEY, LINDSAY Who by the way are all TRASH but you guyz at TMZ Seem to be OKAY with everything they do!

1961 days ago



1961 days ago


Mr. Levin, is it true that rhianna is standing by her boyfriend chris? If so, very sad. Is there anyway to get her intervention?

CHris should be ashamded of his behaviors and instead of performing take a break and get help, This will more likely not be the first time this has happened.

1961 days ago

Silent Few    

# 3, you are really going to get angry because CB will get off the hoke no matter what. Why are you people so dumb and stupid. Until you all start saying good things about others, there is going to be a lot of crezy fools walking on the street our good country for ever. FUUUUU and the rest a million time.

1961 days ago


To use the leak of the picture as an excuse not to be prosecuted is an injustice. The photo is evidence and is no different if she showed up to his initial arraignment looking like that (since she still had a black eye and bite marks at that time) for the world to see with all the media there that day. This is another example of crimes against women not being taken seriously is a case can be thrown out for this reason. The TMZ dude (Harvey Levin) is a so called lawyer, so he new exactly what he was doing when he released the picture if this case gets dismissed and Rihanna should sue him directly for helping Chris Brown get his case dismissed if that happens.

1961 days ago


The image is prejudicial and the officers lack credibility? *snorts* The image is real and the officers had nothing to do with how she appears in it. Idiots.

1961 days ago


So a pic gets leaked and its enough to get a woman beaters charges dropped. awesoooommme...
lol @ our legal system

1961 days ago


Either way, he's screwed. Either he goes to jail and serves his time or he gets off on this very stupid technicality and we, the public, bury this loser's career. The second would be way more fun.

1961 days ago


Don't forget...Chris Brown plead NOT GUILTY!!!!

The picture was only a piece of what has to be disputed!!!

The picture is what is in question here...The problem is if anyone was going to leak a picture and cause this much up roar...Why didn't they leak the one taken the next day of her that they claim was "even more" disturbing ... I think TMZ got jipped and they are getting a raw deal...I'd prefer to sit and read the Anti-Chris crew chew on this story if the picture actually showed the totallity of the punches and choke hold the report says she said he did...

Either way it goes...ANY attorney would try to get the case thrown out over leaked information. But Chris plead not guilty...So it looks like the attorney might be trying to spare the prosecution from having to prove their case...and while their at how or why if their was preexisting abuse in their relationship(not)...why didn't she get out of the car when she had a chance...Everyone says he should have just walked away...But she should have walked away too...Why did she stay in the car...I'd just like to know...

1961 days ago

Stan Marsh    

I think you're reaching Geragos. Of course, this is LA we're talking about. They let OJ go on the Chewbacca defense.

1961 days ago


What does a leaked photo have to do with what he did to Rihanna?!?!?!?This guy is the biggest joke and jerk of the century!I suggest that if the judge lets him off the hook,people who live in that area should not vote for that judge again!!CHRIS BROWN...if you ever read this,I suggest you own up to what you did and plead guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!No one respects you anymore CHRIS!!And whoever does are likely beating their own women!!!People who think alike stick together.

1961 days ago


Too bad. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture spoke volumes. Garagos is just beating his chest -- he's famous for this, but Chris Brown will be prosecuted for what he did to this woman. He probably will get off with a slap on the wrist, but if people have any integrity at all, they will not buy his records. I don't hold out much hope for this, because the people who listen to his schiz aren't very bright, nor do their ilk obey the law. Just sayin.

1961 days ago
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