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Lindsay Strips Away Her Pain

5/7/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is refocusing and getting back to basics ... a black bra and stockings.


Holding her yellow wig in place, the 21-year-old former actress posed in lingerie during a Marilyn Monroe themed photo shoot on Wednesday.

Gentlewomen prefer blondes, too.


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J D    

Lindsay is a good looking woman!!!!!!!!!! I wish she would get away from Sam for good!!!!!!!!1

1958 days ago


WHO in the world keeps telling this girl she looks like Marylin Monroe??? Give me an f-ing break!!!

1958 days ago


WHo in their right mind cares one way or the other about this whore? Is TMZ paying her just to do stuff to make the news because they can't find any real stars to cover.

1958 days ago


Everyone seems to know her here.. good for you. But I agree, her career or lack of depends on her, her insurance company, and a studio head that is willing to go out on a limb for her. It won't happen soon I fear and she will descend further into the trap that his life in Hollywood. If anyone held the world and life in her hands, it's Lindsey Lohan, but her lifestyle, mores, and lack of impressable talent seem to be working hard against her.

I think she is beautiful, but beautiful people can also be low, moral less, and self destructive as is the case with so many of the crop of todays "starlets". Only a few rise to be real stars, perhaps it is just not her destiny. Too red, too many freckles, too loose, pick one, but I think her peak is still a bit in the future. More than once a skank in Hollywood has gone on to be a treasured star, hopefully, she will find her way.

1958 days ago

let it go    


1958 days ago

let it go    

Lindsay Lohan impersonating Conan O'brian Impersonating Marilyn Monroe.

1958 days ago


Pretty pathetic that the only work she can get is if she dresses up like someone else!

1958 days ago


It's a tragedy that this girl is so smokin hot, yet makes the worst life and career choices. I'd like to see her put her past behind her and see her make something of herself.

1958 days ago


She should just do a nude photo shoot and be done with it.Most of the males posting here would love to see her nude no matter what comments they make here.

1958 days ago

let it go    

Bobby, you think she's smokin hot huh? I could only imagine what you look like.

1958 days ago

Ms Dawn Dawn    

Can't Lindsay just be Lindsay? Marilyn Monroe is an iconic figure that will be forever in people minds. Lindsay, not so much – she is perfectly forgettable. If she didn’t have the drug rehab, lesbian thing, & wacky parents to cling on to, she wouldn't have much to remember her by. The only movie I can remember she was in was “Parent Trap” She must have been 10 years old. What has she done in the last 10 year besides Samantha Ronson? I have not a clue what other thing she has done – really! As for the photo shoot, she looks ridiculous in this retro lingerie get-up. It clearly does not suite her frame. She looks like a lost, street walking, crack transsexual. It is creepy in a way that I just can’t put my finger on – maybe like a little girl playing dress-up in her mommy’s underwear drawer with her daddy watching type of creepy.

1958 days ago


Marilyn is rolling over in her grave!

1958 days ago


I can just image the kind of person who comes on here and accuses her of being too skinny and unattractive.

Whatever our opinion of her character (and she's flawed to be sure), she is gorgeous. And she is thin, but she is at an entirely healthy weight.

If you are a size twelve cheeto chomping frumpy housewife, shut up, eat a salad or two, get a decent haircut, hit the gym, and stop hating on people who happen to look much better than you do.

Be honest with yourselves.

1958 days ago


fyi she's not 21. she's 22, will be 23 in a few months i beleive.

1958 days ago


she could have the marilyn look if she put on a little weight. marilyn was a real woman, back when healthy was sexy. i look more like marilyn than lindsay, and im 5'8 130lbs!!

1958 days ago
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