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Prosecutor to Ron White: You're Goin' Down!

5/7/2009 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron WhiteSometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar --because officials in North Dakota are planning on going after Ron White for illegally firing up a stogie during his stand-up act.

Sources tell TMZ the Bismarck City Attorney's office will pursue the complaint, filed by the police department, when a plain-clothed officer witnessed White breaking a city ordinance against smoking in a public place.

According to the cop, and anyone else who's ever seen or heard of Ron White, the comedian lit and smoked his cigar at least three different times during the show.

We're told since it was White's first infraction, he'll only have to pay a $100 fine.

Ron's camp refused to comment about the incident.


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that cop was a douchebag. haha. wow. he was plainclothes, so obviously he was there to see him perform. must not have been a big fan. the smoking is part of the show. what an idiot.

1963 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Ron honey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You know you can't fix stupid! That hundred bucks will make you millions. Love YOU!!!!!

1963 days ago

comedy fan    

The booming town of Bismark ND should be glad they got such a great comedy act there. Go after Ron White and i hope he never comes back to your little piss ant town again. What is the fine for the second offense??? You have to stay there? Get a life you small town prosecutor, go after the cow tippers.

1963 days ago


OMG!! I live in North Dakota and think this has been blown out of proportion. Is it any wonder why people think this is such a backwards redneck state. Personally, they should just of called him or given him a letter explaining the law and left it at that. Give it up Bismark!!

1963 days ago


This is so laughable and discusting at the same time! Geez, I'd be willing to bet the attorney makes more than $100 an hour, roll in the cost of forms to file the case, roll in the fees for administrators to file the case via the court system, roll in the judges fee to hear the case, along with the baliff's fee for being in the courtroom, WOW YOU DUMBASS YOU'RE REPRESENTING YOUR TAX PAYING CITIZENS MIGHTY WELL TO COLLECT $100 AREN'T YOU. Oh I agree, he should not have broke the law and smoked in a non-smoking facility. However, I sure as hell do not agree you should spend the exorbitant amount of money you are now going to spend to collect $100. YOU WILL BE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF YOUR TOWN AND I CERTAINLY HOPE YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPERS EXPOSE YOU AND THE COSTS YOU WILL INCUR THE TAX PAYERS SO YOU CAN KISS ANY HOPE OF RE-ELECTION GOOD BYE.

1963 days ago


......BISMARCK?.......What, one out of the 3 people in the audience complained?........Ron, you need to have a talk with your manger about booking locations.

1963 days ago

Texas Girl    

This is so RIDICULOUS. Leave the guy alone and go after real criminals. Get over it already!

1962 days ago

Know your states?    

To commentor #4: I doubt I would take much stock in your comment, as it was full of rather vulgar and senseless words! What it did tell me was that you aren't too smart. Bismarck is in North Dakota, you idiot. Maybe YOU should get a hobby, trade your trash talk for a geography lesson!

1962 days ago


ALl you bashing ND, please keep in mind that the people of Bismarck want nothing to do with this nonsense either. I think it's complete BS. I love Ron White and am embarrassed to live in a place that would invite him here knowing that he smokes on stage (they warn you about it on ticketmaster) and then turn around and send in an undercover cop to bust the guy. Its stupid, and everyone here is embarrassed that this is even happening. This is our screwed up government officials doing this crap, not North Dakotans in general.

1962 days ago

Dr. Lingkos    

This is my second comment, I live in Bismarck and was told that some dumbass woman wrote to the Bismarck Tribune and said that she could smell Ron White"s cigar from two blocks away. Give me a GD break, haven't the people in Bismarck got better things to do than make us look like a bunch of back woods hicks. I have lived here for 25 years and have bragged to my friends and family what a nice place it is to live, but right now I am embarassed to say that I live here. If I could afford to move back to Montana where I was born I would leave tomorrow.

1962 days ago


I have now seen/read it all. People have truly lost their minds. That cigar is part of Tater's act and we ALL know that when we buy his tickets. I wouldnt be so quick to judge that it was a "redneck" that complained either - sounds to me more like a snobby elitist - but hey whatever. Take notice folks - THIS is yet another thing YOUR tax dollars are paying for.

1962 days ago


It was a "concerned citizen" who wrote in to the police dept, they then sent an undercover cop to the show, and by GOD he puffed on a cigar!!! We really do need to let this one go...I live here, it's a WONDERFUL place to live, I just don't want people to hear about us on TMZ!!!

1962 days ago


Rethink your comment, you are an IDIOT! We are not in SOUTH DAKOTA! Learn some geography you sh*t-for-brains, know nothing AS*SHOLE!!!

1962 days ago


Ron White is a pervert. I read he has more problems then this. Just read an article that he was busted by Chris Hansen MSNBC and it did not air because of the legal stuff involved. It seems he likes the Internet and little girls.

1958 days ago
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