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Schimmel's Wife: You Hit Me, I Divorce You

5/8/2009 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five days after he allegedly beat her, comedian Robert Schimmel's wife is pulling the plug on their marriage.

TMZ has learned Melissa Schimmel has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

She's asking for spousal support and sole physical custody of their 2 minor children, along with child support.

Interestingly, she says the couple separated on the day they got into the fight.

Schimmel was arrested at his Calabasas home early Sunday morning on suspicion of felony domestic violence.


No Avatar

Foot Fetish    

FIRST!! I don't care!!

1993 days ago

420 GIRL    

I know they pick bad pics to use, but either way this is one UGLY SOB...

1993 days ago


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????? she wants money??? How strange!! If she wants spousal support because that is the lifestyle she was accustomed to during the marriage he should still get to beat her because that is what he was accustomed to during the marriage.

Why does every marriage end in a demand for spousal support? You want money? Get a damn job and earn a living on your own. Marriage is not a carrier that comes with a retirement pension. I'm sick of hearing about all these women who expect their ex husband to pay them a monthly salary.

1993 days ago


It's about time a woman with half a brain. If he hits you LEAVE, take the children and get out!! Better yet, don't leave, keep the house, keep the kids and kick his sorry ass to the curb. Woman beaters don't change, they ALL say they are sorry and they ALL do it again.

1993 days ago

420 GIRL    

Hey Mike...

Just between you and me, with that attitude do the world a favor and stay single.

420 Girl

1993 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Good for her is right! No one should stay with an abuser for longer than it takes to pack your bags!

Oh and hey Mike, you sound like one hell of a bitter and vicious ass man...stay outta the dating pool, for all of our sakes.

1993 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

420 Girl

Hell ya sister...Mike needs some therapy and perhaps a deserted island!

1993 days ago


Yeah, his wife is a really great, admirable woman. In case you don't know, his soon to be ex wife was his DAUGHTER'S best friend, is more than 20 years younger than him, and started having sex with him while he was still married and in the hospital recovering from cancer. Schimmel's ex wife should have beaten the crap out of this slut, not Bob.

1993 days ago


Poor guy spends all his time on the road and working and was always worried cause she would cheat. And this is what he gets for asking her about it I am sure. WHAT A WHORE

1993 days ago


I hope she rips every dime out of him and he's left penniless. She's earned every cent. Good for her.

1993 days ago


This bums me out. I think he so funny and smart. But I guess he is violent and messed up, too. She's right to get out. And if she has stayed home, raised kids, and kept everything running so he can pursue his career, she totally deserves spousal support. It's the law. If you don't like it, don't get married, or at least have an iron-clad prenup. Although, I would imagine domestic violence would render any prenup useless.

1993 days ago


To 420 Girl and Missie

Spoken like two women who sought out the "divorcee" both at the career fair. You want to live a comfortable life? EARN IT YOURSELF!!!!!

How can you look your children in the eyes and tell them that you are too greedy to allow daddy to keep all that he is paid because you feel entitled to a lifestyle you didn't earn? What must your kids think of you when they grow up and learn the truth?

It is sickening that in this day and age we reward the slothful and unambitious in a divorce by stealing earnings from the more successful. Why should any person who works hard and goes to college and becomes successful only to be made to supplement the income of a person who didn't? It is even more disgusting with celebrities. The celebrity or athlete earns what they make based on talent and skill. Why should somebody else be allow to profit from that?

1993 days ago

Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife for President    

Hey Mikey, sounds to me like you're a little bitter from being taken to the cleaners yourself. You probably deserved it, too, given that you sound pretty douchebaggy.

And what do you think the wives are doing while the "oh great and successful" men are out getting all that money they earn? The wives are at HOME not pursuing a career because she's taking care of washing his turkey-track-stained underwear, raising his kids, paying the bills, doing the grocery shopping, vacuuming the floors, hauling kids to soccer games and school functions - while HE goes out and works a "job" where he's probably douching around with the guys at his 5-martini lunches and having "business meetings" at the golf course.

These women deserve every penny of support they get.

1993 days ago

Monica Lewinsky's Ex-Boyfriend's Wife for President    

Oh, and for the sake of THIS particular marriage? Robert Schimmel went through months and months of chemotherapy for cancer with his wife by his side taking care of him the entire time. He talked about it in his HBO stand-up special. Where he also talked about his first wife, the "shrew" and a variety of other horrors about "her."

Starting to see a pattern forming here?

1993 days ago


Suspicion, Allegedly, etc. No one pays attention to these words. The law VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is the biggest mistake ever made. Women all over American are 'alleging' abuse when none occurs. What about VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN? Talk about a double standard. Discrimination in action.


1993 days ago
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