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Michael Jackson's London Show

in Jeopardy

5/11/2009 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AllGood EntertainmentMichael Jackson's hailed London concerts may never happen -- if a new bunch of lawyers get their way.

We've learned AllGood Entertainment -- the company that was putting together a series of concerts with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and their brothers -- has fired off a cease and desist letter to the people organizing Jacko's London concerts, demanding that the show not go on.

Here's what went down. In late 2008, Jackson's manager -- Frank Dileo -- signed a deal promising that M.J. would appear with his family on tour. Part of the deal -- Jackson was prohibited from making another concert deal for 18 months. But lawyers for the family tour claim after their deal was signed, Jackson went and signed up for his London concerts -- allegedly a violation of the 18-month blackout clause.

Lawyers for the family tour now want to block the London concerts. As for Jacko's defense ... we're told his position is that he never signed his name on the family tour deal. But we know his manager signed, and in the law an agent can often sign for the client.

So will the London show go on?Launch Photos

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P.S. He has multitude of lawyers who review his contracts and any conflicts and advise him. He would have known he was in non-compliance. He was probably also advised that by declaring bankruptcy, any future contracts would not have to fulfilled, the cash in his accounts would go to his current liabilities, and the ticket purchasers and concert promoters would be left hanging. Happens all the time when a retail store or any company or individual declares bankruptcy. That's why I personally didn't buy a ticket - figured no concert would ever take place.

1890 days ago


Dont believe this story one second. For the past four years Jermaine has been saying he and the Jacksons were gettin together for a tour and for YEARS Michael was saying he didnt want any part of it and its not true. There is no way that his manager signed off for him to perform with his bros without Michaels approval. That itself could cause a lawsuit. Michael is through with his family. Hell just a few short years ago he did 30yrs with his brother that was televised. Michael knows his family is a bunch of broke ass leeches that have burn through any wealth he helped them achieve. He is tired of being used and have made his family at one time very very wealthy. The family well has dried up. Family will use you. It happens in every family. They can not make Michael peform with them if he dosnt want to. As I stated this is a LIE because Michael for Years and months said he was not touring with his brothers and he was upset with Jermaine for going around promoting the story. As a matter of fact TMZ if you check your own files Michael denied he would go on tour with his brothers after Jermaine ran the story. This was just Last year. Face it. folks out grow each other. Family is no different. Just like folks still want Diana Ross to rejoin the Supremes..for what? its OVER. Same with Justin Timberlake and Lionel Richie. these guys are NOt going to rejoin their groups. Destiny's Child is waiting for Beyonce to say she wants to tour with them aint gonna happen. Let these folks live their lives. As for the back up singers. Thats on you if you didnt put away for a rainy day when your group was making millions. People put to much on the Lead Singers. As if its their Duty to continune to carry their old groups. The Jacksons need to MOVE ON without Michael..right now they need to join their sister Janet whos breast caused her career to go down the toliet....Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Marlon, and Janet( forget no talent fat assed randy who looks like Shriek) there you have the Jackson five...Janet (taking Michaels place) Jermaine Tito, Jackie and marlon..the Jackson Five. Hell Janet could do Michaels part. She dances just as hard. she never wears a dress while dancing and when she does Rhythm Nation with the black baseball cap and black tights..she looks like one of the boys any what the hell. but as for their brother Michael..He is through performing with his brothers and I dont blame him. He owes them NOTHING and Made all their asses Rich. If they lost all their money..Its there own greedy ass fault. I dont blame Michael One bit. Jermaine got 8 damn kids by different wives I guess I would be screaming for a Pay day too..Just to pay child support. what a bunch of losers.

1890 days ago


Jesus! some people are writing comments like they have a vendetta against him..chill out people..

1890 days ago


Michael fired Frank several years prior to 2008. When did he again become his manager?

1890 days ago


Um... Frank Dileo was his manager during the Bad Tour in the late 80s. He doesn't work for him now...

1890 days ago


Frank Dileo has not been Michael Jacksons manager for over 20 years. For the last seven years or so, Raymone Bayne has been Michaels manager.

And even as manager, you can't sign a contract for your client to perform, without also having your clients signature.

TMZ you're a pathetic excuse for journalism, and a prime example of why america sucks.

1890 days ago


Agents can sign, but not managers.

1890 days ago


Why do u all believe this will affect Michael's already arranged concerts, the This Is It concert are with serious people, the other one is an stupid from the other Jacksons to make money out of him.

Those brothers who used to abuse him saying to him bad stuff like that he was super ugly (because they were jeoulous cause Mike was always the center of attention without even try to be noticed, is jut that Mike was so freakin talented that he couldn't help to be the center, now it seems these brothers can't still get over that) they should stop it now, this is just TOO MUCH

Michael was the only one who made a solo carrer, did i mention it is the most succesful carrer of a solo artist in history???

Michael dont give up, i know u will not!! we love and support u. U are the KING

And he should remember the more power he has the more detractors too. He needs to stay srong, cause he is Michael Jackson, nobody can stop him

1890 days ago


#19 right on! Michael is wonderful and never harmed any child! If idiots took the time to read the trancripts they would see that! I read these supposide contracts and not only does it not have michael's signature or appoval, none of the other jackson family members signed it!!! AIG released a statement a short while ago saying the allegations are MERITLESS!!!!!!!! Michael will show all these morons that the KING IS BACK!!!!! peace.

1890 days ago


How come Jackie Jackson's photo isn't in the Jackson 5 line on up on TMZ headline. That kind of shows how credible TMZ are on Michael and the Jackson families careers.

This story is stupid, and the media just have to accept Michael's O2 concert will go ahead and be a legendary success. The media will never destory Michael Jackson's career, sorry but Michael Jackson is Unbreakable.

1889 days ago

augustina udosen    

trust me the show will go on.what wii the children of the world do?.God is on this.

1889 days ago


Anyone that trusts Michael Jackson to honor a contract is a fool. He's a liar and a thief and doesn't feel that legalities apply to him. He'll take partial payments up front and then BS his way into never doing anything for the money and never giving it back, he's a piece of garbage.

1881 days ago

Serbeniuc Anda Alexandrina    

I`ve read all the comments from that time when this article came out ...and now, after more than a year since Michael ``died`` ... , I`m Speechless ... Michael never had a chance to live a normal life like he wanted ! I believe this man deserved all the happiness in this Universe and he just had some of it and not all ! So many people complicated his life and manege to hurt him over and over again... Why ? He decide to keep his own family far away from him and all his problems ...and he decided to keep his family away because of the problems they used to cause to him ! Why did that have to happened ? Why every person that had a chance to be a part of his life tried , sooner or latter , to take advantage of Michael ? I learned along the years that everything happens for a reason and I believe Michael was more than strong for 50 long years ... there is no other man in the World stronger than Michael or more patient than him or more loving than this great man ... You , the one who had the divine chance to live in Michael Jackson`s time , be happy and do your best to learn from him the best lessons of life and living ... because you will NEVER meet an angel like him again !
All my love and respect for Michael and for all his fans and all his true loving friends !

1413 days ago


povero michael

1261 days ago
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