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Chris Benoit Doc Gets Ten in The Pen

5/12/2009 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitThe doctor who prescribed steroids for late wrestler Chris Benoit is going to prison for ten years.

Dr. Phil Astin was sentenced today in Georgia after he pled guilty to 25 counts back in January, including illegally distributing prescription drugs.

It's still unclear whether Astin-prescribed steroids caused Benoit to go berserk in 2007 -- when he killed his wife and child, then took his own life.

Astin was also linked to another wrestling tragedy -- Michael Durham died in 2006 with toxic levels of Soma and hydrocodone.

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The Fresh Man    

Whoa! That's a lot of time for some damn steroids. People get shorter time for murder. Just shows how messed up the legal system can be.

1957 days ago

Proud steroid user    

It's still unclear whether Astin-prescribed steroids caused Benoit to go berserk in 2007 -- when he killed his wife and child, then took his own life.

No, it's quite clear that anabolic steroids DID NOT play a role. Anabolic steroids were perfectly legal to obtain from a doctor before 1990 and still are for " proper purposes " Senior citizens and children receive then for various indications. The stuff you hear about steroids in the media is ALL PROPAGANDA. At the congressional hearings in 1990, the American Medical Association, Drug Enforcement Administration, FDA AND National Institute on Drug Abuse ALL opposed listing anabolic steroids as a controlled substance. The science on the matter is quite clear. Propaganda however, is quite a powerful tool. Oh, and back to Chris Benoit:

"Chris Benoit was found to have Xanax, hydrocodone, and an elevated level of testosterone, caused by a synthetic form of testosterone, in his system. The CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER attributed the testosterone level to Benoit possibly being treated for a deficiency caused by previous steroid abuse. There was no indication that anything in Chris' body contributed to his violent behavior that led to the murder-suicide, concluding that there was NO "roid-rage" involved "

Please retract your above statement. It should in fact read " even though it's clear Astin-prescribed steroids DID NOT cause Benoit to go berserk back in 2007...... "

1957 days ago


Life without "professional" wrestling.Think how wonderful that would be. Redneck "sport" with no redeeming value.

1957 days ago

wrestling fan    

Steroids were not the cause of the Benoit murders. Tests were conducted on Benoit's brain by Julian Bailes, the head of neurosurgery at West Virginia University, and results showed that "Benoit's brain was so severely damaged it resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient." This cause Benoit to suffer from sever dementia, and led to the tragic events. For those who wonder how it could happen the answer is simple the man literally was not in his right mind. It had nothing to so with steroids it was just a tragic result of a career plagued by concussions.

1957 days ago


Check out Ded Sexi's song "Warrior's Kaddish," which is about Bam Bam Bigelow. In a strange coincidence (this is true), we wrote the song on the day Bam Bam died . . . without knowing that he died until reading about it the next day! (after learning that he died, we made the title "Warrior's Kaddish" as a tribute to him). The song is at dedsexi.com and also at myspace.com/dedsexi

1957 days ago


why not just slap him on the wrist and send him home wow he only got 10 years he should have got more time for the crap he had done talk about a messed up justice system

1957 days ago

Jake Shannon    

Yes, it is fairly well known by now that it was the severe head trauma that Benoit incurred as a professional wrestler that lead to his tragic behavior. Read the following article for more info:

The Chris Benoit Murders & Suicide: Exploring The Role of Head Trauma in Murderous Behavior

1957 days ago


All I really have to say about this is............if he got 10 than there's hope for Anna Nicole's doctor(s) and Howard to get at least 10 (nodding yes).

1957 days ago


I'm waiting for Angel Williams to go baserk from her 3 concussions and to shoot up all of TNA. That doctor got what he deserved. My doctor would never prescribe me anything that'd be of danger, why? Because he's a real doctor and Astin is just a money hungry doctor who will give anything to wrestlers because he's their special doctor.

1956 days ago

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