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Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard

The New Costner?

5/15/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_gosselin_tmz_audio_launch-1According to Detroit radio personality Mojo from Mojo in the Morning, "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" Kate Gosselin is getting hands on with her bodyguard -- and he saw it with his own eyes!

Mojo says he saw Kate and her busted weave last night at the Marriott with her hired protector, Steve Neild ... and they were holding hands!


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Some of you people just don't get it. It's not about Greedy Kate who mows down anybody in her way to make an extra few millions, from the backs of 'Eight Little Faces'. It's about children that have been living a nightmare for most of their lives and continue to do so, Because of this greedy waste of breathe they get to call mother for the rest of their life.

1952 days ago


guess the bitch got tired of jon's wittle wee wee

1952 days ago

Carrys F.    

Hey iwasthere - I seriously doubt you'll see Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie holding their body guards hands. By your own admission he was touching her hand. That's not appropriate behavior. And what the heck does she need a bodyguard for anyway? She's not FREAKING OPRAH!!

1952 days ago


If I was her and read all these comments on here I would get a bodyguard as well. I'm sure there's lots of hate towards her here and on other sites...maybe she feels better with a bodyguard, who really cares?????

As for her situation and how she is and raises her kids...that's her business....people obviously are watching, even the haters cause you all seem to know so much about her and her family...that means that you all watch the show and put money in her pocket too.

And before people trip on the freebies she about you get on the celebrities that have no kids, no nothing, they make MILLIONS yet never have to pay for dinners, or drinks in bars and they get swag bags full of crap that costs more than a years rent for some of us...and they never have to spend their millions....what's good for the goose is good for the gander and if I could get free stuff and trips for my family I would do it even if I could afford to pay for it. I mean many of YOU were lined up at KFC for some free chicken even when you had money in your pocket to pay for it!

1952 days ago

Carrys F.    

Go Terri. I feel like I wrote that myself!! My favorite moment/episode was when Kate made Jon re-do their old garage to hold more stuff. She's inside "watching the kids" and whining about being tired. Then she sends most of the kids in the garage and now Jon is doing the garage and watching the kids. (NO EASY FEAT! I have twins and can barely get a project done.) And what does she do? She goes outside in the garage and starts NAGGING him for taking too long. I couldn't BELIEVE it. At that point, I stopped watching the show.

1952 days ago


Jon said at the end of last season he didn't want to continue but Kate said we'll talk about it and I WANT TO CONTINUE

1952 days ago



1952 days ago


I listened to this on air this morning...I love Mojo, but I think he was seeing things, he tends to over exagerate. Spike pointed that out this morning. (for those of you who don't live in Detroit, Spike is one of the other djs.

1952 days ago


OK...whose taking care of all their kids while both of these dorks are out effing around??? These two are just a couple of media whores with zero class and I feel sorry for their children!

1952 days ago

JQ Public    

She is ridiculous. The show was suppose to be about a FAMILY and the raising of 8 children. It quickly turned into Kate flies across the country to get a tummy tuck...Jon flies across the country to get hair plugs...Kate gets a make over, new clothes and new hair do. Jon gets a gym membership and make over with new wardrobe. I stopped watching when they paraded 8 crying kids who were cold, tired and hungry tethered to a leash down main street in front of the cameras on the 4th of July. It was all about keeping the kids dressed alike. These parents are despicable to thrust their children into the lime light and then leave them to pursue their own greedy interests. Why does Kate need a bodyguard? These two selfish fools ought to go home, turn off the cameras, get a job and take care of those kids. They are neglectful parents of their children's emotional stability. Those kids were used by TLC and their parents.

1952 days ago


I feel bad for Jon. I don't condon cheating in any way... I mean if you need to find love elsewhere, get divorced first, especially if you have kids... but

this woman emasculates Jon at every turn... she yells at him for putting the wrong color scrunchy in the girl's hair, she yells at him for putting the wrong pair of shoes on the boys, she yells at him for NOT doing what she tells him to, she yells at him for DOING what she tells him to. She's overy anal about everything, to the point that Jon seems to walk on eggshells around her.

worst, she's emasculating him in front of millions of people. It's hard enough when a woman sissifies her man in front of his friends, but to do it for the whole world to see... that's even worse.

So I can understand why he has a straying eye... he's looking for a woman who'll treat him like an adult man and not like one of toddlers.

what I can't understand is why any other guy would want to get involved with her, even if it's just a fling... she's nuts! did you her she scared the crap out of fans in Michigan during a meet and greet?

one ten year old tried to hug her and her body guard pushed her off and said "don't touch her"... and she said NOTHING, just went about her business while this little girl was freaked out. People were actually SCARED to approach her according to people who were there in attandance, to US weekly.

1952 days ago


LOL@ Kris #42..........I am laughing so hard I almost had an accident!!!

1952 days ago

Renee Okc    

why the hell is everyone on her butt she didnt force that man to do anything he must like it and if he is having that many problems with her then he needs to divorce her straight up. I think they both are cheaters and probably have separate lives and have since those kids were born. I just think it is jacked up how everyone is blameing her for what happen when it takes two and she is the one who takes care of those kids more than he does because he just lets them do what ever they want, Ya'll act like you are suppose to let your kids run wild not everyone thinks kids should run the household leave this lady alone and let her do her thang because apparently he is .

1952 days ago

eyes glued opened    

She's a tramp.. If i were her husband, i'd be down hit'n it with dudes and kick this ho to the curb...

1952 days ago


I just watched a re-run of the Season 4 finale....they are in their new home's the end they were drawing on the walls....did anyone else notice the TANNING BED to the bottom right of their screen? She bought a flippin' tanning bed...WAIT..her kids bought her a tanning bed...hmmm...maybe she wanted to look a little more like them...

1952 days ago
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