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Kate Gosselin -- Another Man in the Picture

5/17/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a photo really does say it all: here's Kate Gosselin, her kids, and her friendly bodyguard, Steve Neild, casually watching the rear.


A local radio DJ said he spotted Kate and Steve holding hands last week -- but Steve was ninth in line to get that kinda treatment while the whole family -- minus Jon -- was at a park in Penn. yesterday.


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I am not a fan of Kate's, but come on... a bodyguard's job is to GUARD! And obviously now more than ever, people are trying to get pictures of her, the kids, Jon, etc so Mr. Bodyguard really has to be there.

1954 days ago


john and kate and 8 see the magistrate,

1954 days ago


Bodyguard watching the rear alright

1954 days ago

More important!    

So long Jon, Hello Steve.

1954 days ago


They're so cute. I feel bad for the kids that the paps are stalking them more now, but I guess thats going to be their normal.
What ever happens I hope they're all happy. =)

1954 days ago


WHY in the world does kate need a bodyguard???...she really needs to get over herself...if she is so concerned of the exposure of her children, she would not have taken them to a park!...stay home in play in your new big yard!

1954 days ago

Jon's life so indeed must suck. Kate pushed to have all these babies. She treats Jon like a punk.

Kate, your misery is coming sister. You couldn't even get along with your own family, much less have a family that is cohesive.

Good luck Jon.

Follow your heart Jon. Dump her.

1954 days ago


WHICH guy in the background is it?

1954 days ago


The guy with the grey hair...

1954 days ago


its one thing to go after jon and kate but leave the kids alone! no wonder they need a bodyguard.

1954 days ago

p.s. who in their right mind, implants a litter. wtf?

1954 days ago

p.p.s. Bet me this was just another photo op. I say, Jon plus 8...Kate split.

1954 days ago


Why does her kids look so Asian?

1954 days ago


Why does she need a bodyguard? She is the reason we have the OCTO Mom...its all about exploiting these kids and getting on reality show..and getting famous(for nothing) Ive never seen the show..Wouldn't want to..could care less about her and husband..What does their show have to offer?? Tune in and watch parents and use their kids to get famous? NO thanks..

1954 days ago

Patricia Moran    

NO SURPRISE! I wondered how long Jon could stand it. If Kate had been even a little appreciative, affectionate and attentive to her husband, maybe their marriage would have worked. However, she focused on yelling orders and criticizing him. She gave more attention to cleaning the refrigerator than enjoying her family. She stood on a beach and yelled orders to her husband and admonished her children rather than SIT DOWN ON THE SAND and play with any of them. She focused on the importance of her children's clothing staying "spotless" rather than her children having a good time. Imagine not being allowed to enjoy decorating and GOD FORBID--EATING--a cupcake for fear of "getting dirty" on the children's birthday! Let's see now, to sum up: she's estranged from her parents. She's estranged from her husband. Sadly, her children may be next, only it make take a few years, and then a lot of damage may be done. I hope Jon gets the children. He consistently shows them a lot of love. She doesn't. She's too busy being a TYRANT.

1954 days ago
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