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Kate Gosselin -- Another Man in the Picture

5/17/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a photo really does say it all: here's Kate Gosselin, her kids, and her friendly bodyguard, Steve Neild, casually watching the rear.


A local radio DJ said he spotted Kate and Steve holding hands last week -- but Steve was ninth in line to get that kinda treatment while the whole family -- minus Jon -- was at a park in Penn. yesterday.


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I don't know if Jon or Kate had an affair. What I do know is that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Even in the best of marriages, raising children can be hard on a marriage. I can't imagine trying to raise 8 children. I am more of a laid back Mom but if I had 8 children I certainly would have to be much more like Kate or there would be shear chaos in the house. I think Kate and Jon are doing the best they can. I do not advocate affairs but I do understand how raising 8 children may make you look outside your marriage for a change. I think we should not judge them until we have walked in their shoes.

1892 days ago


I always watched their show, and loved it. But now their cheating and lying ruined it fo rme. Its not cute anymore, its just normal everyday crap.

1892 days ago


kate is stupermom and planned parenthood

live under the same rock.

1892 days ago


The mailman is asian

1892 days ago


Now why did they renew their VOWS in the last season...oh yeah that's let the children know they would always be together for them...I am thinking more like...FREE TRIP to Hawaii.

1892 days ago


Charlie Chan John has another lily-white, flower girlfriend.

1892 days ago


Gina Neild (Steve's wife) is just in denial this week - she'll be speakin' to the tabloids in the days to come !!!! Stay tuned !!!!!

1892 days ago


They were filming their show that day. You can see the boom mics all over the place. Why else would Kate be with her kids? She is only home to film her show, Steve and Kate Minus Two Spouses or watch their upcoming show "Trading Spouses Forever"

1892 days ago


I think you should quit your reality show and take care of your own kids. It is really bad when the only reason you are doing the show is for the money, but always remember it gets old. You need to stop looking for everyone to financially support you and your kids, grow up. Plus all you do is yell at your husband, that is pretty tasteless to watch on t.v. I think it is time for TLC to pull the plug on your program and find some more adequate to put on.

1892 days ago


Jackie Chan spent the night at their house eight times while John was away on business.

1892 days ago


Who Cares? They all look alike anyways.

1892 days ago


this whore she is the worst mother ever. not only is she screwing the body guard but she brings him around the kids. any child psychologist could tell you how bad that is for the kids.
this bitch is disgusting I bet the only reason he does her is because she pays his salary.

1892 days ago


I honestly do not think Kate has cheated with her bodyguard. If this DJ saw her holding hands with the bodyguard, then where are the pictures? Her every move is being followed by paps who cannot wait for that pricey picture. We see the pics of Jon and the teacher in question. But as far as Kate . . .nothing more than the bodyguard doing his job . . . protecting Kate. Why? I do not see any reason why Kate needs a bodyguard when she has a HUSBAND. It's crazy how everyone feels the need to contribute to the rumors. Show the proof.

1892 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

41 Episodes this season at $75,000 per show let's see that is $3,075,00.00 just for the show. $25,000 per speaking engagement 2 times per week minimun $50,000 times lets say 40 weeks equals $2,000,000.00 plus DVD sales a percentage of that lets say at least $2,000,000 world wide. Selling her image for clothing, books, ect $2,000.000 minimum. All the free clothes, food, help, vacations at least $250,000 per year, that would be $9,325,000.
I am sure she is just like all of you hard working families out there, oh I forgot the $25 for her autograph, that must be her tanning money.. Who needs a sweatshop when you can pimp out your kids.

1892 days ago


Mother Gosselin and her eight little yellow baby ducklings.

1892 days ago
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