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Disney Boss: Protect Me From Kate Walsh's Ex!

5/20/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Walsh Stephen McPhersonThe head honcho at Disney/ABC has been dragged into Kate Walsh's bitter divorce, and he's gone to court asking for protection.

We've learned Walsh's estranged husband, Alex Young, has subpoenaed Stephen McPherson, President of Disney/ABC Television, for a deposition -- to testify what he knows about Kate Walsh and her finances. Disney's lawyers have filed legal papers, obtained by TMZ, asking for a court order blocking any such depo.

Young believes Walsh is not coming clean with all the assets acquired during their 14-month marriage. Young's lawyer, Jeff Sturman, fired off the subpoena to McPherson, claiming he has "unique" knowledge about Walsh's finances since she works for him as the star of "Private Practice."

Disney lawyers have fired back that Young is "harassing" McPherson, "because at the the time of Ms. Walsh acquiring the role on 'Private Practice,' Mr. McPherson was not running ABC Studios."

Disney is willing to send an underling to the depo. We've learned Young has also subpoenaed financial docs from Disney.

Disney and Young will fight it out in court on July 8.


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Going to court and asking for protection? Why don't you just stop at the corner drug store and pick some up?

1981 days ago


I know we dont know the whole story BUT young is sounding like a gold digger!!!! it was only 14mos damn!!!

1981 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Divorce judges hand out Orders of Protection like candy on Halloween. The divorced dad dud is $crewed - lose his stuff, 18 years of income, home, cars, and when he misses a support payment - JAIL!!

"This is the line for losing half my sh1t? Great. The line is moving moving."

1981 days ago


Come on, they were married for like fifteen minutes. I think he really is looking to get out of marital debt--their house is worth way less than it was when they bought it. Whatever down payment she put down is probably gone due to the lowered value. That means joint debt--which like assets is usually spilt down the middle. So if they owe two million, then he is responsible for one million. He is looking to have his share of the debt reduced by proving she has made so much more money than he has. I doubt he will be able to prove any hiding of assets. Unless you have your own company (or a controlling share) it is really hard to have income hidden. Most employers are not going to help out an employee by falseifying records, etc..

1981 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

A divorce judge Jailed a Man Four Times for Child Support for Child who's not His.

As an article states, it took the Patriot News newspaper less than an hour to locate the real father who had custody of the child (Penn Live, 5/12/09).

I was married to my wife for 24 months, her divorce took 40 months, I lost it all - no house no kid but got most all the marrial debt and pay 18 years of support for a kid I do not see.

1981 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Even though he's an executive, he should be careful. Right now, the economy is so fragile everyone (including courthouses) are doing whatever they can to squeeze people right now. Be Cool.

1981 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    


1981 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

A man in divorce court. theirs no hope for him. The press will make him out as a bad guy. and the ex wife will love it while she collects most of the money.

The USA has the one of the highest divorce rates in the world.

1981 days ago


What kind of tiny-p d-wad goes after his wife's finances after only 14 months of marriage? Get a job and grow a pair you disgrace.

1981 days ago


Could he be more of a loser?

I hope Kate Walsh is well protected. This guy seems like a real quack.

1981 days ago


This guy is becoming a laughing stock. Kate may make three times his income, but he still makes a million a year himself as a Fox Executive. Talk about greed !

1981 days ago

Andy Sanger    


1. Anyone with an Internet connection can Google Alex Young and find out if he is the President of a major film studio and has a number of highly successful Number 1 movies to his credit. Obviously he doesn't need the money but I'd be pretty pissed too if my ex-wife and her accountants were hiding joint assets.

2. Kate Walsh's accountant tried this same protective order nonsense and on Monday not only lost in court but had to pay sanctions for their bad conduct. And I suspect ABC will have to do the same.

3. Stephen McPherson made a serious mistake involving Disney's legal department in this mess that Kate Walsh created.

4. Anyone in the entertainment business knows Stephen McPherson has a long track record of dating actresses on ABC shows. In fact, that is how he met his wife who was an actress on an ABC show. Go to IMDB and check for yourself.

5. None of this crap on TMZ matters. All that matters is what happens in court and when this is over people will have a very, very different view of Kate Walsh.

1981 days ago


What a sorry SOB. Good Luck to Ms. Walsh. She is better off without him.

1981 days ago


TMZ why don't you tell us about the hearing on June 10!

@Andy Sanger

1) He is actually co-president of production at Fox Films, clearly you don't know how to use Google!

2) I would hardly call Steve McPherson's wife, who has only 3 credits to her name on IMDB an "actress on an ABC show". She played a waitress in 2 episodes of Spin City back in 1998!

1981 days ago


He's a nasty money grubbing bastard, isn't he? Oh, and for your information some HIGHLY thought of well-off people don't have as much money as you think. Also , when is there such a thing as "I have so much money that I don't want any more'? h

1981 days ago
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