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Nas to Kelis: Pay Your Own Damn Way

5/20/2009 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NASNas, one of the biggest and richest rappers around, does not want to pay his estranged, pregnant wife, Kelis, a penny in spousal support.

Kelis filed for divorce April 30. She's weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but no matter to Nas -- he's filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny her the spousal support she's seeking. For bad measure, he also wants her to pay her own lawyer's fees.

Nas and Kelis both want joint custody of their unborn child.

Kelis cites "irreconcilable differences" for the divorce, but we're told she believes he was cheating on her and that's what buzz-killed the marriage.

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Nas and Kelis were married in 2005 and had dated for about 2 years before their nuptuals. I'm sure there's a lot of history between them (obviously!). I dont know the full story but I think its sad when a man becomes weak and refuses to take care of his woman, and especially his own child. It's really really sad to be so obstinate toward Kelis during this time in her life. Is it not her first child? And their first together? Rise above, Nas. This is a time you're going to remember forever, quit being a jerk face!!

1990 days ago


HELLO!!! He is NOT running from CHILD SUPPORT!!! He does NOT want to pay SPOUSAL SUPPORT! Which he shouldn't. And if you all knew the facts, it's not over cause he cheated on her. PLEASE. He allegedly found a sex-tape of her and lesser known rapper. If you knew anything about him, this is something he just can't go thru again. And they have been having problems LONG BEFORE. So, get your facts straight. He did say JOINT CUSTODY! DUH! And why shouldn't she pay for her own attorneys? She filed for the divorce first.

1990 days ago



1990 days ago


Does anybody else find it strange that she got pregnant then filed for divorce? I mean really??

1990 days ago


Kelis has a sex tape with another rapper who is not well known . Their marriage went down hill when it surfaced. That is why Nas is so bitter.

1990 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

85% of divorces are initiated by women.

1990 days ago

scott is yummy.    

kelis is a stupid whore she didn't earn half of what he's earned
she is welcome to child support, but spousal support? f*ck you kelis, you no talent b!tch. you deserve what you're worth. nothing.

1990 days ago


Why should he pay her? She's got plenty of money, she's just being greedy.

1990 days ago


Kelis is an artist in her own right and she has her own money. She had music out before they married and continued to tour during the marriage. She has her own money and should pay for the divorce that SHE filed for.

1990 days ago


who told tmz`that nas was rich they are very ill informed nas is not rich at all he has a few bucks but hes not rich or one of the richest rappers jay-z, kanye west, and 50 are some of the richest but nas hasnt been rollin in the dough since the 90s now rollin in the dirt well yea but not in the dough hes broke but likes to front with the little bit of money he does have when was the last time anyone has seen his house I mean apartment ??? think about it ...tmz??? nas is famous that doesnt make him rich there is a difference.

1990 days ago


I think it makes sense, he's willing for child support and not for spousal support. If you want out, the money for the child is enough. Not unless she was really in it for the money.

1990 days ago


#17 Pinkflyod- You must be married to your cousin/stepmother --yeah that’s typical white trash.
kraft dinner/hotdog eating moefoe
boo- yeaH

1990 days ago


Real men don't act like that. This boy needs a lesson from a man about responsibility.

1990 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

We said "I do" but now "I don't". Show me 18 years of tax free money.

1990 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

$5k monthly for 18 years is $1.1m. Plus the house and cars and baby. Cha. Ching. I'll have your baby too. Get me pregnant get me pregnant.

I'll just drop the kid off at day care then make some more money. Men are stupid. Cha Ching

1990 days ago
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