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Jon Gosselin

Biggest Flirt of 1995

5/22/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before meeting his baby factory of a wife and going on "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Jon Gosselin was surrounded by a bunch of kids he didn't create at the Wyomissing Area High School in Pennsylvania.

Jon Gosselin: Click to view!
These are Jon's senior yearbook pics from 1995, when he was captain of his state champion soccer team -- which his dad coached -- and more importantly, the proud owner of the "Friendly Flirt" award.

Some things never change.


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Melayu of boleh    

he look like a chinesse guy. by the way good resource

1982 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Jon is Korean and a cute one at that. I feel sorry for him with that shrew of a b**chy wife. He should kick her a** to the curb at their new million dollar house and raise the kids himself. She's alienated all of the family on both sides and the poor kids never see grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. She wants the spotlight so let her continue on her speaking and book tour and stay the h*ll away. Jon rocks and is a good dad.

1982 days ago


Um IDK but I don't see the relevance here!!!

1982 days ago


Good looking Guy...Don't care for the wife.

1982 days ago

Larry Hagman    

Could everyone including these two douchebags remember there are 8 more important people( it's obvious, the kids) to consider.Bite the bullet and make a stable home for the kids and please Harvey find more deserving douches to follow and let these parents (stupid and greedy as they are ) alone to try and give their children some kind of a normal life. Gosselin is latin for self centered douchebag with an emasculating c # # t for a wife.

1982 days ago


I hate Kate. Since she travels and leaves her kids for up to five weeks at a time. If there is a divorce he should get full custody if he wants it. Kate blames everything on Jon. She is unable to see that she is the one with serious issues. Please do not give Kate any more publicity. Let her fade into the sunset. She has chefs, maids and laundry personel all paid for by TLC. This show is not reality.

1982 days ago


He looks just the same. Good looking. When you see old pictures of his wife you can't recognize her. No original parts left on that woman.

1982 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

oh, come on tmz! all boys that age do that!

1982 days ago


I didn't realize he was a soccer player.

1982 days ago


I just hope the children make it through all this OK.

1982 days ago


Bite the bullet and make a stable home for the kids




1982 days ago


Aww, leave him alone. I feel for him. He's a great guy who just happened to marry a harpy. He seems very down to earth. I think he'd like to be out of the public eye and working a regular job to support his family. It's the wife who is loving the money and attention. I don't know how he lasted this long with her.

1982 days ago

Trish The Bitch    

Kate seems like the biggest bitch on the planet. All she does is talk to John like he's a toddler and NAG NAG NAG. She's just fame hungry which makes it hilarious that she complains about being on the cover of magazines. It's the price you pay sweety! I only feel sorry for those kids. Sometimes people have kids to distract from the fact that their marriage sucks and they think that popping one out...or 8 will fix it. I will say though, forget Paylin's daughter... that show is the best birth control out there!

1982 days ago


like a chinese guy hehe

1982 days ago

Trish The Bitch    

This is how the therapy session will go:
Therapist: '' Kate, why do you think you're such a tight ass?"
Kate: "I don't know but it's gotten worse since I got this Salt & Peppa haircut & OctoVagina stole my thunder"
John: "This woman has sucked my very soul out. I now have the man parts of a Ken doll. I need nap time"
Kate: "John, man up! you couldn't even get your shoes to match your belt? We're being filmed!AAAHRRRG!"
Therapist: "okay, times up"

1982 days ago
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