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Mary Kay and Her Boy Lover -- All Growed Up

5/24/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Now wave your hands in the air, and party like you're a teacher who did seven years and six months for raping your 12-year-old student!"


Mary Kay Letourneau didn't really say that last night, but she could have when she and her boyfriend-turned-husband, Vili Fualaau, hosted "Hot for Teacher Night" at a Seattle club.

They look so happy together -- for a second, you almost forget they started having sex when she was his elementary school teacher. Almost.


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The Pig & Idiot Show.

1981 days ago


I guess Vili was an old soul in a young man's body.

1981 days ago


wow....way to promote child rape.....are they really that unashamed?

1981 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

For some reason, this story never bugged me. They're a bit nuts but definitely they're persistent! How many times did they need to get caught in the car! I guess it's truly "true love" and I am actually very happy for them. Some of you sound very self righteous.

1981 days ago

blues fan    

Sorry, Mo, she is indeed a criminal and a child molester -- we teachers are bound by law and, I would hope, common decency and morality, not to turn our minor students into sexual conquests. She is a disgrace to herself, the honorable profession of teaching, and to the 4 children she already had while she was sneaking around with a 13-year-old boy. When you send you precious little ones off to school, you trust in their teachers to care for them, not take advantage of them sexually in the parking lot.

1981 days ago


Jen you are an idiot. Mary Kay LeToruneau destroyed a Family, a Marriage with Children. She is a Narcsisstic Pedophile being glorified by a Tavern Owner. If the Gender Roles were reversed, you and other Skanks like you would want him hung. Are you insane? The Double Standard here and Women who are sexually abusing and exploiting Minor Males is a National Disgrace. Hey Dumbass this is one of the Core issues of the Clash of Cultures. Or have you been living in a F^%$ing cave???

1981 days ago


You know I was shocked years ago when all this happened, then all of those years went by and she got out of jail and they married!! I was shocked then and I kind of shurgged my shoulders in disbelief, and thought to myself maybe they were truly in love----does age matter? Now more years have passed and they seem to be making it work out---I am not saying it was the best thing to do, but when you take away the age factor, who can say anything accept they made it work, are still in love. It s more than I can say for myself and many others. so let them be-------

1981 days ago


How come TMZ and other tabloids don't celebrate males rapists like they do female rapists? Just asking.

1981 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

I, too, am a teacher (as is #43), and I couldn't agree more. She cast a bad light on us all. It opened our eyes, and to this day, when I am visiting with a student, I make sure that my door is open, and that I am behind my desk and the student is on the other side. I teach middle school children, and it sickens me that this mad woman is capitalizing on her illegal "conquest." Is our society in such a sad state that people would EVEN pay money to see this criminal? I can't imagine what her previous husband and children think about this development. God bless honorable teachers!

1981 days ago


She is really vute and perky. I have never seen what she saw in him but they do seem to make a nice looking couple now.
To me they look the same age. She has one of those eternal youthful faces.
Shes quite attractive next to him.

1981 days ago


Hate to admit it, but I'd hit that

1981 days ago


screw that she paid her dues hes obviously an adult theyre in love care for each other who gives a damm let them live thier lives together in peace let them do whatever they want! they look damm good too specially her!!

1981 days ago


I hate to say it too but they are still together and they look like they're in love,

1981 days ago

its me    

she looks young and shes almost 50. is this what u have to do to look young? marry a young man ? that was a very VERY sick thing she did but they look so in love now. i didnt think it would last.

1981 days ago


I wonder how cute she'll look to him in another 20 years, when she's 64 and he's 43.

1981 days ago
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