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Juice Wants to Get Loose

Appeals Conviction

5/26/2009 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.j SimpsonO.J. Simpson still thinks he's innocent -- 'cause the murdering murderer-slash-armed robber is playin' the race card in the hopes of springing himself from the bowels of a Nevada state prison.

Simpson filed an appeal Tuesday with the Nevada Supreme Court over that hotel room confrontation where he punked two sports memorabilia dealers. Simpson is crying that his conviction was tainted by judicial misconduct, a lack of racial diversity on the jury and errors in sentencing and jury instructions.

OJ is set to serve anywhere between 9 -33 years -- no word if he's still trying to hunt down the "real killer" from behind bars.


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Does anybody actually think he will get out of prison ?

1943 days ago


If he wanted to beat the rap he would have made sure the jury was all blond bimbos like the one's he's always got hanging around.

1943 days ago


0. How funny that Sly and Fantasis have chosen names of a has been performer from the 60's and a fat Ho Bag who lost her house to foreclosure. That would make four losers. OJ is where he belongs and Karma is good.
So Fantasia and Sly sleep well knowing that your prince is in and will stay in jail for a long time
When he gets out he can start looking for Nicole and Ron's killer. All he has to do is look in the mirror.
Peace to you both

Posted at 5:03PM on May 26th 2009 by ASPCA


Watch out, racist. Your jealousy is showing.....

1943 days ago


Dude definitely belongs in jail - forever!

1943 days ago


I hope hiss murdering butt rotts in jail and some good ole boy has made him his girlfriend. No sympathy here. As far as the jury is concerned, he wants to use the race card because that is what got him off the first time. A jury is supposed to be unbiased, he had the most biased jury in history or else he would have already been in jail years ago.

1943 days ago


Once again, if the black man doesn't get he what he wants, it's racism.

Try again OJ, this has NOTHING to do with your color. And EVERYTHING to do with your illegal activities.

1943 days ago


Sly's a hateful little racist isn't it? Must be miserable to be knotted up with hate like that.

1943 days ago


OJ is where he belongs and it makes me smile every time I think of his stupid azz locked up in a cage like the animal he is. Rot away OJ

1943 days ago


Once again, if the black man doesn't get he what he wants, it's racism.

Yep. SSDD. Nothing ever changes.

1943 days ago

grossed out    

Oh please stop with this racial crap. I don't care if this black dude is white, yellow, red, or purple. He slaughtered two innocent people and got away with it. Karma now has kicked his ass and he will be forever in prison where he belongs in the first place. You don't mess with karma the universe always pays you back whether you did a good or bad deed. Karma is a bitch.

1943 days ago

grossed out    

He'll probably get raped and beaten up in prison which he also deserves. KARMA IS A BITCH. What an arrogant fool karma kicked his ass. There is a higher power above and you just mess with karma.

1943 days ago


If O.J.'s let out early, is he going to dedicate his life to searching out the "real culprits"???

1943 days ago

Buck Farack    

Sly - I NEVER owned a slave and neither has any other American alive today that I know of. What about you? Were you a slave? If so you must be about a hundred and seventy years old. As for you Fantasia, you are the picture of the problem today. You are the racist. If you weren't, you wouldn't have brought it up in the first place. It's people just like you who cry "foul" that the prison population is predominantly black - and don't have the brain cells to see that the PERPETRATORS are mostly black! Sorry dear, is that too big a word for you? It means CONVICTED CRIMINALS. Go back to Africa, both of you.

1943 days ago


He's right where he belongs and I hope he stays there!!!!!!!!

1943 days ago


Juice, you WILL be freed. You can stay at my crib when you get out bro. I'll kick any mofo's ass that has a problem with it.

1943 days ago
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