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Gokey Voters Sided With Kris Allen

5/28/2009 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol Kris Allen Adam LambertSources at "American Idol" tell us the margin between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert "wasn't even close" -- and the biggest factor in Allen's win was Danny Gokey.

Here's what we know. The "lion's share" of Gokey's votes went to Kris Allen. The extent of the lopsidedness surprised a lot of the big wigs at "A.I." We were not told the exact votes but our sources say the AT&T scandal had no impact on the outcome -- the spread was that wide.

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1941 days ago


"But he is not conservative enough for the American AI voters"

Why do you automatically assume AI voters who didn't vote for Adam are conservative? Yea he's probably gay, but he was hardly open about it during AI and it's not like Kris Allen looks like a badass the country hicks would all vote for. Kris just has a wider appeal, but personally I thought Lil should have won, and I'm white. I also thought adam was pretty good at the end with Queen, but in many of his songs I found that the rave reviews weren't really deserve. And no way did Kris deserved it over Lil or that girl who was in 4th place, blah.

1941 days ago

Just Noticing    

It was a crime Adam did not win. Homophobic voters voted against Adam. They don't care about Kris. They just didn't want Adam to win. He likes to do the scream, but he does not always do it. He won me over with "Tracks of my Tears". He was the best interpreter the show has seen.
It's a SINGING COMPETITION. Even if you are homophobic, you can still vote in a gay singer. Entertainment is filled with gays. AI is supposed to be finding the best undiscovered talent in America. Kris is good, but he is not the best undiscovered talent in AMerica. I feel sorry for him. because he knew Adam deserved to win, and that is the first thing he said, when he "won".

1941 days ago

Just Noticing    

OMG Ten, are you serious; Lil??? I'm Black, and I wanted Lil to finally bring it, every week. She did not. She is not unique nor creative. I like her as a person, though.
Glad she has a fan in you, nonetheless :)

1941 days ago

Mary B    

Kris Allen is an ass clown and a stooge. He's a dime a dozen no talent wanna be who sings out the side of his mouth (literally). Whether you like Adam Lambert or not, he is a performer and put on a show, week after week, after week. The same certainly can't be said of Kris. In the end, Adam's career will far out strip whatever elevator music Kris warbles out in its over dubbed state. I think AI should change the way people can vote. Add online voting. One vote per IP address, or one vote per phone number, period. Let's get rid of the voting banks and the forced voting.

1941 days ago


I still can't believe ANYONE thinks their votes count-the winner is predetermined by the time they get down to the last 10 finalists-it's all about who is most marketable to the masses who spend money-

1941 days ago


Chris will become another forgotten Idol winner and Adam will go on to have a mega-career. It was obvious throughout the competition that he was head and shoulders over the rest of his competition.

1941 days ago


Is it just so far to fathom that the majority of the people didn't care for all that screaming that Adam did. He is a great talent and will do great. Leave it alone.....and move on with it people.

1941 days ago


Look at the musical styles of Kris, Danny, and Adam. Which of these things is not like the other? Kris and Danny are much closer than Adam plus anybody, except perhaps Axl Rose, and he is too old for the competition.

1941 days ago


There's nothing funnier than reading depressed, defeated, gay mafia dumbasses on here trying to cope and spin yet another defeat. I love how the liberal wackos try and have it both ways. If the "bible thumpers" were as numerous as you say, then we wouldn't have the most anti-American, socialist person ever to pollute the White House in office right now. Obama supported legislation to KILL babies if they survived abortion attempts in IL. So yeeeeaaaahhh......that whole "bible thumper" EXCUSE is pure bs out of pathetic desperation.

It went down just like how the black dude from Reno 911 said. Young, white teenage girls determined the vote. Most girls don't fawn over gay guys. Just like how it wasn't "bible thumpers" that voted against gay marriage in the VERY BLUE state of California, it was blacks and hispanics.

You bullying liberal radicals need to take a looooooooooooooong look in the mirror and stop embarrassing yourselves with making up childish excuses for all your failures. Your digusting, Neo-Comm agendas are what are keeping you down. Not these "bible thumpers" that you falsely created in your minds.

Kris and Carrie win. Gay marriage and Adam lose. :)

1941 days ago


Why shouldn't ATT&T help Kris out? Adam was getting help from Simon week after week, and don't forget Kate Perry's endorsement of Adam. What's good for one, is good for the other.

1941 days ago

Just Noticing    

Don't celebrate yet, "Poor losers". Gay marriage will be legal shortly in most if not all states, just like interracial marriage is (it was illegal at one time), and Adam will do just fine. It's Kris I'm sorry for. He knows why he won, and we'll see how his album does.

1941 days ago


Adam is winning, yet again, where it really counts. Adam has the highest selling album (compilation of songs from the show) which means that new people are buying his music... Adam fans already have singles and videos and therefore wouldn't need to buy the entire album. The other guys fans were obviously on the fence and are purchasing a single of his here or there but were obviously not buying his music from the entire season. Adam's album debuted 13 positions higher than the other guys. Also, Adam's 16 videos from the show are ALL in the top 40. He has the #1 video for his duet with KISS and has for the past week. Before it went on sale the Youtube clip received a million hits in 2 days. The other guy has some videos in the top 100, but despite how adorable his fans professed him to be, nobody seems to be over anxious to see his live performances. Adam is AMAZING in his videos and I cannot wait to see him in concert. I only wish I had a mute button for some of the other contestants.

1941 days ago


Adam Lambert was CLEARLY a more talented singer. Sorry, but I don't think Kris Allen should have made it into the top 12. He just was NOT good enough. In any event, Adam Lambert is surely to make a ton more money than Kris Allen bar none,

1940 days ago


I love Adam and I think he should of won, Kris is cute but he is boring to watch and listen to.

1940 days ago
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