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Jon Gosselin to Barney: I Love You ...

5/30/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin was apparently trying to put out a fire in his pants yesterday -- a fire that was clearly burning a hole in his pocket, because he was spending like a mutha.

Now we find out he dropped more than $2,000 Friday at the Barneys CO-OP in the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey. It's the same mall where one of the two women he was with dropped $595 at Tumi -- on a purse.

And spies at the mall tell us Jon and the two girls dropped in on Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan and Godiva. As one dude put it, Jon was decked out in cheesy Ed Hardy duds.

And now we're told the two women who accompanied Jon were the two chicks with whom he spent Memorial Day. We got this pic of the trio at Front Street Bar and Grill in Newburgh, NY.

From the looks of it, Jon was spending on Jon but not Kate Plus 8.


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Do y'all think that could be Deanna Hummel and her mother? It certainly looks like her profile.

1971 days ago


I think the picture might be altered because I don't think those bags or whatever were there yesterday.

1971 days ago


Come on people, do you honestly think Jon & Kate don't know that everything they do in public is filmed? This is all about ratings for the show that is bring them millions by exploiting their children, and the American public is contributing to the exploitation.

1971 days ago

Wild Abra    

Jesus you not think it's possible this guy just has a few female friends? This sort of thing does happen, you know.

1971 days ago


I think they are writers or some staff that's all, thats what they look like to me.

The media is attempting to stir hate and personally I'm not playing into it,
I don't feel those children are being harmed in any way nor do I feel Kate is all the check stand trash mags want to turn her into.
John on the other hand I do believe would like to step back a few paces before children and that will have more harming effects on the children then the show but it's not as if that too isn't some often seen response to the over whelming responsibility, Not condoning it he needs to grow up!
But cant stand all of this concern all of sudden over the children, The show has been on for how long and now the labor dept needs to become aware?
Get off their butt media and spiteful people stop tearing this family down, your harming the children!

1971 days ago


I wonder if he used a coupon!?!?!?!?!

1971 days ago


only douchebags wear ed hardy

1971 days ago


I guess he can do what he wants with HIS money.

1971 days ago


hahahahhahahahahahah, Jon and Khate are blowing your "love offerings" sheeple. hahahahhahah

1970 days ago

let it go    

This is stinky!

1970 days ago


People need to get glasses. That one woman in the hat is not the girl. You can tell from her profile that she is older. Plus, young women in their twenties don't dress that way or carry that kind of bag.

1970 days ago



1970 days ago


Something fishy about this story...
TMZ has ALL this information about what store they went to, how much they spent, who was with him & so on, and not one person snapped a pic of it?? It's BS, and TMZ you're stretching for ANYTHING aren't you?? Trying to make something out of absolutely nothing. They're freaking millionaires, so what if he spends $2000 on something?? And just because he's married, doesn't mean he cant have friends. Geez. Leave them alone already.

1970 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

well, here is my take, Jon made it clear on the last episode of season 4 on the chair with Kate..tht is was finished with it and Kate made it clear she loved doing it..u just KNEW things were gonna tank from there. Kate ain't going away,and as long as a nasty divorce custody doesn't ensue, she is gonna keep those kids in front of the cameras..Jon is gonna show up here and there in the shows and b on film when Kate is out being the media glutton that she has become. Sad for all involved really, cause everyone of those kids r gonna turn out to b different now than how they wld have been if Jon and Kate were just happy at home together with their new found wealth. Too bad , Kate can't let go of the attention and b grateful 4 wht she no doubt has been able to stash in the bank..oh well, greed and money , deadly combo on so many levels....

1970 days ago


And what is it that you spend your money on stalking, spying, photographing and 'legally', albeit immorally, harassing people for living their lives,TMZ? You are actually making me feel sorry for these people.

1970 days ago
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