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Kate Gosselin's Kids Punch Out

5/31/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As reward for all their hard work and dedication, the stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- and their mother -- treated themselves to a vacation in Bald Head Island, NC.


Jon & Kate -- launch photosThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor would approve.


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Leslee Brown    

If the bodyguard is laying the pipe to Kate then I say good for her. Better than that nasty bloated Jon. Jon is a child. He acts like a spoiled little girl. At least the bodyguard looks like a man. Jon looks like a hot mess.

1939 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

okay now, realllly sick of this jon and kate plus 8 news..... SNOOOOOZE FEST!!! OVER IT

1971 days ago


I wish you guys would leave the kids alone.

1971 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    


1971 days ago


Multi -millionaires PLAYING, now there's a newsflash, NOT !!!!!!! Excuse me, time to BARF!

RICH PEOPLE playing makes me sick!

1971 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

can't stand kate it is the least she can do for the kids since she will not let them have a normal life all she wants is the money I feel for the girls they have no privacy when they have their first period it will be front page news and all over the tv she will see to that the bi**h

1971 days ago


Wait a minute!!! I thought that the show was not "work" for the kids????? Just filmng thier everyday simple life (tounge in cheek of course).

How many vacations a year do they take or "need"?????? Didn't they go to Hawaii less then a year ago???

What a fruad ths family is. Hey Kate - when you kids get older and can watch the show, they are going to hate you. No amount of vacationng wll fix that.

1971 days ago


If you've ever watched the show, you will notice that when Jon is with the kids by himself, he is stuck at home doing day-to-day things or packing for their move, etc. But when Kate is 'by herself' with the kids, she takes them out of their day-to-day routine and takes them to do fun and 'cultured' activities: hand paintings, museums, baking cakes and fantastic family vacation! She's very smart in giving the public the perception that she is the one that always gives the kids the quality time they need from parents. Jon's time with the kids is as real as what 'reality' TV can give ---- Kate's time is her perception of 'reality'!

1971 days ago


I'm sure they didn't pay a dime for the vacation - everything's free. And the kids' college funds are already assured - they all were guaranteed free tuition shortly after the sextuplets were born. Very sick of the parents screaming "poverty" at every turn. GREEDY

1971 days ago


Are you kidding, I guarentee they are still filming!

1971 days ago


Who paid the trip? cause kate wants everything free or with coupons.
Nanny Jon is not in sight , tricky

1971 days ago


The kids always look so happy...don't they!!! Everyone stop watching the show that is making her richer every episode..and she will go away!!!

1971 days ago


You all are a bunch of idiots. WTF is Kate doing that is so wrong? She's the one who has all 8 kids 24/7 while that loser Jon is off drinking beer and foolin around with other women.
Makes me sick how ya all run your mouth and call her the Bi^^h and accuse her of pimping out her kids. She's doing everything possible i think to give the best to her children. What does Jon do? He's off acting like a teenager again trying to forget he has 8 kids and a good wife at home. He bit off more than he can now his kids are gonna grow up without a mom& dad....divorced! All cause he is a selfish dumb @ss! As for putting all these kids on tv and it being so hard on them? I don't think so...the kids are protected and have their futures secure money wise. Many sit here and run their mouths about the kids being on camera...well i bet more than half of you would do it given the chance to because having that many children is impossible to pay for without help unless you were a millionaire to begin with. People do what they have to, to make it in this world...sometimes that means making difficult choices. JON YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

1971 days ago


The Jon and Kate Plus 8 show has been fine for years and many have watched and enjoyed it. Now all of a sudden child labor laws are called into question, child welfare agencies are getting involved, and Kate's family can't find enough to say to get their 15 minutes of fame. I could have forecast this disaster as soon as the OctoMom delivered her litter of 8 and immediately grabbed on to all the social and financial assistance she could squeeze out of California.

A Jon and Kate divorce will be a tragedy for their family and one that will partly be brought about by tabloids and their like. These people need breathing space without criticism by every talking head on TV. JK+8 has been a loving and funny show for a long time. BACK OFF, TABLOIDS, TALKING HEADS, NEGATIVE FANS, JEALOUS FAMILY MEMBERS, AND ALLOW THEM TO REGROUP. MOST OF YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE CONCERNED FOR THE CHILDREN. IF THAT IS EVEN REMOTELY TRUE THEN SHUT THE H--L UP AND LEAVE THEM ALONE.

1971 days ago

you people are sick    

You keep digging and digging TMZ enough is enough . Leave these people alone so what they went on a vacation oooooooh such big on vacation next week wanna follow me too?weirdos

1971 days ago
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