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Kate Gosselin's Kids Punch Out

5/31/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As reward for all their hard work and dedication, the stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- and their mother -- treated themselves to a vacation in Bald Head Island, NC.


Jon & Kate -- launch photosThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor would approve.


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NO one is perfect, no marriage is perfect, no child is perfect, In saying that the Gosselins are as close to being perfect as the rest of us. I n my opinion, they are doing a wonderful job with all they have to deal with. They need compassion not criticism at this their lives. I dont always agree with both Kate and Jon but I respect them and believe they are both great parents to all their children. I see the Love between them, during less stressful moments,which is understandable not very often when your rasing 8 kids. Each person watching sees something different, and takes away what they want. For me, I Love their family and wish them only the Best. I believe if they get through these hard times together, it will only make them stronger as a family. I pray for their future.

1972 days ago


I would like to comment on the cameramen filming the show, I dont know if they cut out alot of footage, but I do know, what they have showed, they gave us alittle bit of everyday life , good bad and ugly on all the family. And as far as the kids not wanting to be filmed. I only saw that once or twice, when one of the kids was upset. Most of the time, I see the kids sharing with what is happening at the time with who ever is behind the camera, as if with a friend. Everyone knows, the day will come when we have to say goodbye to seeing the .Gosselin family on T.V., but I much rather see them on T.V. with camera people that care about them, then to see them off camera and plastered all over the newspapers by complete strangers who print anything and everything. If they can only hold on a while longer, Til the media moves on to their next
target of interest. I wouldnt let the camera stalkers win in making the decicisn for them.I hope getting past these hard times,together, will only make their family stronger. I pray for their future And kudos to the camera people filming the show.
My prayers for all the Gosselins for a Happy, Healthy Future together.

1972 days ago

cindy SWEET    

I believe kate is only in it for the money. She is a horrible mother.She is all about how much cash she can make.These poor children should be raised right out of the public eye's like a normal family. This show such be cancelled. I fell so bad for her children. She is a one sided very bossy women. I feel bad for her husband.He made to be a male slave.She makes me sick. What ever happen to staying home and caring for your children. Not parading them around camera's 24/7. I believe this will have a huge inpact on their lives but only time will tell. She is so in love with her self she can't love any-one esle including her 8 little money maker's. I pray these children will turn out ok. As for her i think she needs help called mental help.Jon is a nice guy and i hope he takes her to the "CLEANER'S" She use to be real till her head swelled bigger then her stomack. How many operations has she had to improve her image last I COUNTED IT WAS 12. WOW , She needs to be a real mom not just selling her kids for money..........Or using them to make it .Go get a job , why should children be forced to work since birth.I hope this show is cancelled and her last book stunk so save your money. A upcoming cook book from a person who has a cook lol now that's a her

1972 days ago

cindy SWEET    

I completly agree with agree with comment number 91 100percent

1969 days ago


This was supposed to be a show about a family with multiples-now it's a broken family with a disfunctional set of parents who wants to see that? They can change it to see what fame and money do to people with multiples or the messed up multiples-or lets see how kids react to parents divoricing-now they are no different than any other American family that failed, but are not poor-with all their money why not get serious marriage counseling-A Daaa. They don't want to fix their family-not even try???? Those dear little children-I hope their hearts don't break-so sad.

1968 days ago


When will this all be over? I'm tired of all the publicity they are getting. CAncel the show and move on to something else already.

1968 days ago

Leave them alone    

Come on media, leave them alone already. So Jon's out drinking and acting like an idiot, maybe cheating on Kate.. okay, so is a huge majority of the American male population, this is only so fascinating to you because he's been portrayed as the punching bag for Kate for so long, but honestly, Kate isn't the monster she's been made out to be either. She's got 8 kids, and remember, before this show came along, it was HER taking care of them while Jon worked. These people have been dragged through the ringer and frankly I'm sick of it. If TLC cancels this show because of these so called "child labor investigations" or the media scrutiny, I'll be disgusted. There is no form of privacy in this world, they went on VACATION for God's sake, and so what if TLC paid for it? Is TLC not in charge of their show? Do you have any idea how expensive a vacation for 8 children would be? You're all disgusting, and you need to come off this. You're just losing what little credibility you had left.

Hopefully Jon and Kate can reconcile and be happy once again, I think their children deserve every chance in the world.

1957 days ago


I think Jon & Kate should stop exploiting their kids, they chose to have them, what's so great about them other people have just as many. Now that they have made their millions on them get off the air and the poperazzi will leavea them alone.

1953 days ago
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