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Billy Bob's Daughter

Charged in Death of Baby

6/1/2009 2:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0530_billy_bob_thornton_mug_ex-1We've learned the oldest daughter of Billy Bob Thornton has been charged with child neglect in the death of a 1-year-old she was babysitting. 

Amanda Brumfield told cops the child died in October after falling from her playpen, but a spokesman for the Ocoee Police Department said Amanda Brumfield's story didn't add up.

An autopsy determined the child suffered a fractured skull and a subdural hematoma due to blunt trauma.

Brumfield told police that after the baby had fallen, she discovered her tongue bleeding, so Brumfield cleaned it with a paper towel. She then says she began playing with the child, feeding her bananas and fruit snacks, and said she was "happy" and playful.

Brumfield then said she laid the child on the couch next to her and fell asleep. She says was awoken sometime later by the phone and decided to take the child back to the playpen. When she lifted her, Brumfield told cops she discovered her body was limp.

According to police, the call for help didn't come until two and a half hours after the original fall.

Brumfield is Thornton's child with his first wife, Melissa Gatlin.

UPDATE -- A rep for Thornton sent TMZ this statement: "Mr. Thornton is estranged from Amanda and has had no contact with her for quite some time, however when informed about this situation he commented that, 'Anytime a baby's life is lost is an unimaginable tragedy and my heart goes out to the baby's family and loved ones.'"


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420 GIRL    

47. First of all it's a known fact he is a substance abuser.

...and drug addiction is A DISEASE not a choice

Posted at 6:20PM on May 31st 2009 by BBB


BBB you are an idiot!

1979 days ago


Billy Bob was always soooo quick to comment about the life of other people...maybe he should focus instead on his own hillbilly lifestyle.

1979 days ago


Please take note SHAMEONBILLYBOB============As far as the "dumping the kid" subject. Be thankful if you don't have a child that MUST be "dumped". My brother's adult son would have lived and leached off him for the rest of his life if he hadn't finally said: enough! It's a terrible reality that most of us haven't had to face. (my bro is no movie star ... oops! or musician ... but he's well off. That's not the point, adult children eventually have to take responsibility for themselves"

1979 days ago

dr fred    

When I was 4s & playing @ a neighbor child' house, her Mom was friends w?my Mom
I fell off the bed from a standing position & landed head first on taraza,

The Mom did nothing & did NOt bother to tell my Mom,

I was too tiny to exprese the details Or understand the seriuosness. there is no telling how much suffering I went through, As other posters have said A child needs to be checked out. My Mom would not know what to look for like hedacahes memory loss ,crying,nausea etc..
Remember Natasha RichardsonRIP

1979 days ago


to Riverratt: Not ALL kids live and leach off of their parents...even kids who have drug addictions and/or other addictions and/or rich parents. As a matter of FACT, many have been able to overcome these addictions. Love and support contributes to living a life crime free and with love. Good for your rich brother: however, Billy Bob is, in fact, an addict himself. He lucked out by having a talent of writing - which got him out of the slums. Take a deep breath and realize Billy Bob gave up this daughter when she was 11, YES, 11. If she did something so horrible as to kill a child then she deserves to be punished for the horrific crime. It still doesn't take away the fact that Billy Bob IS her father and will always be her father...even if he doesn't have contact with her.

1979 days ago


I wasn't there but how do you know the parents wasn't abusing the child and she just happen to babysit and while in her care the child expired. Is there a way to tell if the fall didn't cause the trauma or how long the child had the blow to the head. Have a lot of people commenting wanting to convict really fast on here with very little first hand knowledge. After all aren't all white people white thrash or have it somewhere in their bloodline

1979 days ago


I don't think she will be abe to count on daddy for money to pay her legal fees.

1979 days ago


The same goof who berated a Canadian DJ for asking him questions about his Movies---will now probably give demands there are no questions about the daughter he abaondoned. I hope every interview from now on hammers him on his Fatherhood abilities.

This puke of a headcase needs to be bannished.

1979 days ago


This is really sad. Sorry for the baby's family and the Thornton family. If the girl did hurt and kill this baby then she needs to go to prison and if she didn't then I hope a jury will hear the evidence and find her not guilty.

1979 days ago


Her story seems plausible to me. What makes me suspicious is that this happened in October and they are just now charging her?!?!?!!!! That's what seems fishy to me!!

1979 days ago


It's weird that Angelina who is so hard on her own lousy Dad would get involved with this child abandoning creep. Of course he walked out on her too when she adopted a child. Billy Bob's been married 5 times, always for 2 or 3 years. Even one of the worst father's around, Ryan O'Neal, stepped up when Griffin was in trouble with the law. Billy Bob's statement was like, "She's no one to me. Sorry for your loss." Pure trailer trash.

1979 days ago


Is this the daughter who tried desperately to reconnect with her father a few years ago and was completely rejected? If so, "pay-it forward" seems to be at work here. "Pay-it forward" can refer to good or bad acts. When parents reject, neglect or abuse their children, the vicious cycle of violence continues. Thornton not only has white trash roots, he is white trash.

1979 days ago


Billy Bob should man up and help his daughter. "Estranged," or not, she is his flesh and blood. He's horrible if he doesn't.

1979 days ago


I grew up with 4 siblings and remember many, many bumps and bruises, and possibly a few concussions along the way, and we were never rushed to a doctor. I also raised my own child, and accidents do happen. Unless there was intentional harm to this 1 year-old, it would be a shame for her to be stigmatized at such a young age.

1979 days ago


"Mr. Thornton is estranged from Amanda and has had no contact with her for quite some time, however when informed about this situation he commented that, 'Anytime a baby's life is lost is an unimaginable tragedy and my heart goes out to the baby's family and loved ones.'"....WTF, Isn't HE her family?

1979 days ago
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