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Heidi and Spencer -- Quitters

6/2/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat -- they have quit the NBC reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

A source close to production tells TMZ the "Hills" duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night's show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight's episode.

Guess they weren't faking ... for a change.

UPDATE -- We're told the Red Cross, the charity Spencer was playing for on the show, now wants nothing to do with the program. It's unclear whether they would have received anything anyway -- but regardless, the Spencer experience left a bad taste in their mouth.


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V. Dicus    

I've always seen Heidi and Spencer in the news. I've never paid any attention to them-didn't care. Now I see why they are always in the press-BRATS!BRATS!BRATS!!!!! Spencer is a nut case-Heidi seems too pathetically dumb to see that he is a ticking time bomb. You can't tell me that with a temper like that, there isn't any domestic abuse going on. I don't buy the Jesus talk. You can't act like that and be a true Christian. Bless his heart, he spent a whole day making a label for Heidi's shampoo. Spencer...use some of your "fame" and "fortune" and "craft" abilities to better this world. Right now you are just stinking it up with you foul attitude.

1971 days ago


What the He** is that stuff on Pratt's face? His hair is to fair to be trying to sport a beard. Pratt is a giant Pansy. Like calling the head of Universal was going to do anything for his plight. Why would you put on an act like that I mean most anyone who knows about them already realizes their brainless why broadcast it on National TV. The others were in the right if they had actually left the pratt's crap was fair game. (maybe the others should have waited just a bit longer). Let's all just cry PB a river why is she on there? Being on the show isn't going to help her hairy husband win his legal battles. BOO HOO! Pratt may not have actually hit Angela but his actions were childlike and disgusting. It was a freaking bottle of shampoo. This show was so stupid I'll probably have to watch it again just so I can laugh at Pratt the d-bag!!!!!!!!!!!! If that is an act I hope his parents are super proud at bring shame and ugliness to the family name.

1971 days ago


THANK GOD they are gone. Let's hope it is for real this time. There is no way they are Christians and behave that way, act or no act! The other D list celebrities don't deserve to be deserted with those two losers. If only they knew how stupid they look. Heidi must be so proud!

PLEASE, PLEASE, TMZ DON'T GIVE THEM ANYMORE PUBLICITY!! Then maybe (hopefully) they will go away!! Then they will be begging to appear on Celebrity Rehab.

1971 days ago

artie help    

she sux , he's YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1971 days ago


Probably walked off because the camera kept cutting away from them whenever they "tried" to get product placement for Tweedle-Heidi's shampoo; I've been to shopping malls where the perfume counter staff were less pushy on selling their product...

1971 days ago


This show will be off in no time. It was terrible. I won't watch it again even though I am glad that Speidi is off. Who is their fan base? I can't think of anyone sane that would think of them as actors/actresses. Did you see Heidi spraying her hair with hairspray during the liveshow? That was sooo staged. The religion was a totally farce too.

1971 days ago


Hey Spencer,
On the show you said that you are into boxing and kickboxing?
And that you fear no man!
Lets put that to the test step in the ring with me CHUMP!
Or do you only pick on women.......That is what it looked like on the show to me...

1971 days ago


these two are seriously pathetic

1971 days ago


heres what I think on this: people shouldnt be worried about other peoples lives and just focus on their own, but that wont happen because people like celebrities so my whole statement goes to mush. Anyways, a lot of people just dont have anything better to do or are jealous or really judgemental. Their certainly not my favorite people and Spencer can definitely act like a jerk, but its a free country they can act any which way the choose to as long as their not hurting anyone. They want people to talk about them and know them, thats what they like, they like the fame and fortune and media and cameras, it certainly isnt for everyone but thats how they want to spend their lives then so be it. I think a lot of people only wish they had as many luxuries as them, like I said not everyone would wanto to be in the spotlight, but the fortune wouldnt be bad for most people, money certainly doesnt buy happiness but you can be happy for the moment and buy anything your heart desires. They dont have to act like spoiled brats and shove it in peoples faces yes that is true, but they are just really living in the moment and taking everything in that they can. Most of us would hope that we would act more in a civilized manner if we had even half of what they have, but sometimes the money can definitely get to your head. Their just humans and they are just living the way they want to, if they didnt act that way I'm sure their wouldnt be as many people talking about them as they are now, just a thought?

1971 days ago


Spencer IS a douche! I've never even heard of him or his wife, until last night. I've never watched The Hills. Didn't care to. Yeah, he is famous. His name is Masengill!

1971 days ago


I was telling my husband that I had a feeling......and this is just a feeling but ....from his behavior last evening it appeared that he was coming off drugs and needed something to calm himself down.

1971 days ago

oprah & michel hater    



1971 days ago


Oh man, I'm sad they are leaving the show. They were the entertainment on that show. I couldn't wait to see what type of antics they would get into next. I've never laughed so hard at at TV show as I did last night. Every time I saw Heidi spray her hair or cradle her hair product I just bust a gut laughing Man this is too bad for the show. I find Janice annoying and Stephen is just awkward. Never heard of the other "celebrities." No need for me to watch anymore after tonight.

1971 days ago


Nunn....did I not see him push a woman on the previews last night? I missed it, except for a few parts.

1971 days ago


OMG!!! Thank god!! I could have cared less about heidi or spencer until I watched the show last nite and OMG! What an ass!!!! Now he will come home and say "OHH i was only playing the bad guy so everyone would hate me and make me stay longer".... He will try to cover his horrible attitude by saying it was part of his strategy!

Unfortunately, that is how he is ALL OF THE TIME! I know people who have known him for years. He is the biggest Z List loser ever! And I swear to you, if that bitch sprayed that dry shampoo one more time during the live ceremony I was gonna jump thru my tv and yank it outta her hand. WHO THE HELL wants dry shampoo??? I hope he gets sued by NBC and loses his "everything 5 star". People who have $$$ normally don't brag about it but....... he is new money so thats what you get from rich white trash!

OHHHH and the whole fake "I AM A CHRISTIAN" and the crazy prayers. UGHHHHH I CAN NOT STAND EITHER OF THEM! I hope their little stint on this show ruins their careers in showbiz!

1971 days ago
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