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Jon & Kate Plus Different States

6/2/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While America's favorite reverse mullet wearing mother of eight Kate Gosselin ferried around Bald Head Island, North Carolina with her brood ...


... her estranged husband Jon rode around on an ATV at their Pennsylvania home on Monday.

Jon and Kate are separated ... by over 500 miles.


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Jon and Kate are beginning to look like cartoon characters. They parade around in their sunglasses pretending to not want the attention. Jon complains yet enjoys his new expensive toys. Neither one of them have a brain to care about their kids. TLC is becoming a money grubbing network with only cash in mind. It's pathetic.

1938 days ago


I dont care if Kate can be a bitch, with 8 kids shes entitled! but Jon isnt much of a father to his kids! maybe if he helped her out things might get better. hes playing the see ya card and waiting for her to call it quits cause he isnt much of a man. ANY GUY CAN WATER THE GARDEN AND MAKE BABIES! IT TAKES UNSELFISHNESS TO RAISE THEM!

1938 days ago


In all the photos and on the show, Kate's body language is SCREAMING "look at me"...I'm gorgeous and it's all about me!

1938 days ago


I would rather see Kate doing something to support her family then every other working person in this country paying for her family's welfare. Think about it dumb people. Jon is a very lazy man, he even speaks lazy. That's why he is at home while she does all the work. How would you act if you had 8 kids and a lazy husband? I would be a bit*h too! Those kids are happy, healthy and have everything they could possibly get. I would love for my kids to be able to have everything. Thats a good mom and thats the way Kate is!

1938 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

I will never get that visual out of my head where one of the tups, I believe it was Collin (?), was made to lay on the cold hard tiled floor of the laundry room with just a thin sheet or blanket in between on the episode where he was sick and miserable.

Not a single love pat or comfort from that Evil Shrew and all because she couldn't stand having him vomit on the comforter that her hired help ended up washing.

1938 days ago

Pennsylvania observer    

I wanted to mention that PA kids are in school until at least the second or third week of June.

TLC is probably hiring paid bloggers to defend this money-grubbing harpy. I actually was a fan at the very beginning of the show, when she and Jon lived more of regular existence. I let my kids watch the show. The show "jumped the shark" when they got the free million-dollar McMansion. That place cost a mint and it's not even near a large metropolitan area (where the suburbs are a lot more exclusive and pricer). Wernersville, Pa is home to Catholic retreat house (hey Jon, sounds like a good place to get away from it all) and a couple of seedy strip malls. Wanna-be Kate could never make it in the real world with a job. How dare she call her flitting around the country in her free Ann Taylor clothes, ugly hairdo and Lee press-on nails a "job"?
This woman has done nothing of note in the world. She is a nobody. Why does she need a bodyguard? Why can't the kids hare a normal life with family and friends? How stupid does TLC think audiences are, that they are going to tune in to watch this woman get a new freebie every episode and create a "plotline" around it? She should be investigated for taking money/donations from poor churchgoers.

1938 days ago


HEY TMZ - FYI many married couples w/less children go through something 10 years down the road - IT'S NORMAL. And pretty much so are Jon and Kate - they did what needed to be done to support themselves and their children. I applaud them both for showing the world that yes, reality exists and this is theirs. I hope they work it out. Jon nice tribute to your Dad - Kate you are rocking that suit girl!

1938 days ago


Trust me, Justadude....what took "unselfishness" on Jon's part was simply his agreeing to sleep with this bulbous, quivering slab of cellulite in the first place.

1938 days ago

Pennsylvania observer    

Wow, all that free plastic surgery -- boob job, tummy tuck, lipo -- and Kate still has thunder thighs and cankles. Talk about lipstick on a pig!

I feel sorry for her sons having to be seen with her -- believe me, little boys don't want to be around a narcissistic exhibitionist Mother who flaunts her less-than-mediocre body for the paps and the world to see.

1938 days ago


All the news sites that keep saying how amazing she looks in a bikini... Get a CLUE!!!! She had Plastic surgery for crying out loud. ANY women with 8 kids would have a flat stomach if they got a full body lipo/tummy tuck. I wish people would realize this and not make her out to be some gorgeous goddess. She is a plastic surgery media attention hound. Plain and simple. I cannot beleive Jon stayed around this long, especially the way she treats him in public. I would have left her years ago if I was him.

1938 days ago


Kate is not going to be able to keep the lie, sorry, the reality show.
She needs her "manny" so bad. Everybody watched the show just to see how she kicks Jon's ass.
He was the poor husband, she's boring trying to be the "perfect mom" with everything in place by "herself".

She looks now like she's going to cry any second: Jon, help me. I need you!!

1938 days ago



Gosselins old news.

Jon & Kate SCAMMED TLC, the Viewers and the Media. She made everyone "dance her MONEY DANCE"

Ratings need to NOSE DIVE for anyone to listen.

1938 days ago


I'm pretty sure if the mom needs her sunglasses and the kids are squirming and squinting any good mother would pull out 6 little pairs for her kids. Especially after all the talk on her show of preemies and sensitive eyes - she musn't have a sponser for free kiddy glasses yet. Wouldn't want to spend the $4 a pair to spare her kids UV damage.

1938 days ago


Enough is enough already!!! These fame whores are just using their INNOCENT children for fame and money, its a shame!!

1938 days ago


I agree with #17, shouldn't they be in school for a week or two more? What is this, an early vacation? What's the deal on them? The kids always look so unhappy and just moved around, primped and prodded for photos. This reminds me of the Dionne Quintuplets, read up on them. Kate, you're a narcisstic photo-loving op bitch! Bring the kids home to Daddy and stop the madness!

1938 days ago
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