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Jon & Kate Plus Different States

6/2/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While America's favorite reverse mullet wearing mother of eight Kate Gosselin ferried around Bald Head Island, North Carolina with her brood ...


... her estranged husband Jon rode around on an ATV at their Pennsylvania home on Monday.

Jon and Kate are separated ... by over 500 miles.


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Is TMZ so cave like they can't grasp the concept of a mom going on vacation without her man? lol

My Mom took us kids on vacation while Dad stayed home! my God this nertoic media focus is getting insulting.

1936 days ago


Shouldn't these kids be in school or preschool or something?

1936 days ago


@atombomb66...Why does it bother you so much that some people think Kate's attractive? You may want to look into that.

1936 days ago


I love this show...dysfunctional at its finest!! Yes, Kate is a bitch and can not talk to her husband wihout putting him down. That is why I like the show. What do some of you think Jon should do? I know, pimp-slap her, If he did, you would be demanding that he be incarcerated. Just accept the fact that they whored their kids out for money, their marriage is in the crapper, and nine out of ten chances. some of the kids are going to be screwed up...I have!

1936 days ago

Oh Please    

Kate is average looking at best. You would think with all the surgery she would look better. I personally thinks she looks older than 34 yrs. I think it is because she always has her face screwed up in a nasty mean expression. It is a good thing the kids take after Jon. He is looking good lately and can tell he has lost some weight. We know he has lost at least 140 lbs of screaming ooompa looompa in the last 6 months. Good for you Jon. I hope Jon's lawyer sucks the life out of Kate's pocket book. All polls I have see are 80% against Kate and 20% pro. LOL to TLC. Can you say "jumping the shark"? I can :)

1936 days ago


Poor Jon. Off on his own with no resposibilities. Must be rough!

1936 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

You know I always thought she was a bit harsh in the way she talked to Jon but I'm starting to believe she knew something we didn't.........that he does act like a child. I mean honestly, I haven't seen him with the kids at all. I mean even if they are some what separated he is still the dad. He is acting more like a single childless man. Why are they out of school anyways? I mean having your own reality show doesn't give you the right to keep your kids out of school but maybe there school is already out, who knows.
I think Jon should lay off the drinky drink and go to a gym, he is looking mighty juicy . I think the wise thing to do if anyone cared about the kids is to end the show. I mean the show is more tempting to watch now even though I don't know when it comes on but these kids are going through a very serious and devastating time. I'm afraid these kids will grow up to be troubled kids. The entire thing is becoming sad.

1936 days ago



I know I sure don't!

I am SO sick of hearing about and seeing these two losers faces everywhere!

I don't even know who they are and NEVER want to know so please just go away!

1936 days ago

who dat    

New Show Name...." Kate Plus Masturb8te "

1936 days ago


Thank you Kate and Jon for a beautiful show last night.
Kate was very respectful and made the show more pleasant to watch..
After seeing all the hurt the children were going through last week I had vowed to never watch again even though I have watched from day one.
But last nights show was very respectful to the children and to the image you have always poetrayed as a family.
Please keep the ugliness behind closed doors.
I wish the best for the family and hope they stay together.

1936 days ago

Oh Please    

Goodbye Khate. Can't stand your ugly puss any more. You are a rotten mother and deserve to be prosecuted for exploiting your children. I feel bad for your body guards wife. You are nothing but a liar and most everyone knows it. Only stupid people would watch you torture those poor kids. Best of luck Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!

1936 days ago

Oh Please    

Stop posting over and over. We know you work as a lackey for TLC. This show is going off the air and various interest groups will make sure of it.

1936 days ago

Obama is Gay    

Kate has AIDS thats the problem, Jon dont want any part of it

1936 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

she's traveling on the kids money,he's glad that he doesn't have to look at her for a few days

1936 days ago


So much talk about how Kate looks......if the inside is ugly what difference does it make how the outside looks? Also, what's with all Kate's hype about how she HAS to travel so "working" to promote her books in order to support the family!!?! She is afterall getting 50-75K each episode from TLC and her books (no credit ever given to Beth Carlson, the co-author) will sell on their own if they're any traveling necessary. She WANTS to get away and travel.

1936 days ago
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