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Jon & Kate Plus Different States

6/2/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While America's favorite reverse mullet wearing mother of eight Kate Gosselin ferried around Bald Head Island, North Carolina with her brood ...


... her estranged husband Jon rode around on an ATV at their Pennsylvania home on Monday.

Jon and Kate are separated ... by over 500 miles.


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Shouldn't those kids have sunglasses and hats on out in that heat?

1912 days ago


Kate needs to take the UNHAPPY Kids home and stay there!!!!!!!!!

TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1912 days ago


The kids did not pay for Jon and Kate's plastic surgery. It was free of charge.

1912 days ago


If you count noses in the picture, only the six 5 year olds are with Kate. The twins are back home with their dad, so they weren't taken out of school. Just saw a pic of them with Jon elsewhere.

Unless they've saved enough $$$ from the show to be definitely set for life, I wonder if they have too much house and property for post-TLC survival even if they don't split. Taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance should be rather pricey, not to mention how much time it must take to clean.... at least until the kiddies are old enough to handle a vacuum cleaner!

They don't absolutely need a platoon of helpers now, it's not like the early years with six kids all the same age. Now it's more of a normal big family dynamic. Five-year-olds can even mostly dress themselves, if you're patient and not too fussy about the results. So it might be do-able with just one parent at home and part-time help for childcare (both parents working outside the home part-time or one parent working full-time). But childcare is also expensive, especially for a crowd.

I wouldn't worry about 8 college educations myself - there are student loans, scholarships, alternating work and study arrangements etc. for the serious student. The unserious students should just save everybody a lot of time and money and go straight from high school to a job... But they must have made plenty for college funds with all those episodes.

1911 days ago


I hope Kate winds up selling oranges by the freeway.

1911 days ago


For those who say "who cares about this" "this is not news" "why do we care" blah blah blah.... you obviously do since you are on this website posting comments. I care, I hope that they work things out, I hope that these are actual rumors and they can move pass it. As much as people want to criticize Kate’s actions and change her words she is a mother of eight kids, I am sure it is not easy and I am sure her patients are very low as expected. I am a fan of the show and I think the kids are great, I am sure at some point they most pull the plug so that the kids can have a normal private life but I don’t think they are exploding them, they have to live their life and they can’t isolate themselves from the public. I think a lot of people are jealous of the type of life they have created for themselves and they just want to bash on it. For those of you who have all these negative comments get a life and read real news….

1911 days ago


In the beginning of Jon and Kate plus 8, it was inspiring to alot of women. I watched all the time thinking if she could do it with 8,I can do it with two. Thats why the show started. EVERYONE knew it would come to fame, why else would you get on a t.v. show? Its also hard not to watch their marriage crumble when you get so into the show. Its very sad to think one day the children will be able to see all of this. Its horrible to think your child will google your name and someone is calling you a monster! What do you expect? Kate has to be a control freak, SHE HAS 8 KIDS! Thats a friggen day care! Could you imagine not cleaning all the time and doing what she does? Then someone else would have to complain "that her house is too dirty" or the kids live in an unclean home... comeon! Obviously Jon wont do it so someone has to! And how great of a mood would you be in if you had eight kids all day long? Pretty pissy and worn out .huh? Put it in perspective of being a parent and what you would do with 8 kids. Id go insane! Jon just sits there like he doesnt know whats going on. As for the fame and fortune, wouldnt you love going from nothing to going to a spa and getting a tummy tuck? I think she looks damn good for having eight kids, surgery or no surgery... Yes some things may be a little rigid about kate, but does she really need all this negative crap from tabloids and everything else? She (in the beginning) took care of eight kids all day long, and did a great job doing it. Focus on the positive.. who cares about her reverse mullet? It actually looks good on her.If people dont give a damn about them then dont comment. Its sad to see all of this happen to a once happy family.

1910 days ago


Explote their kids for profit..then all us parents that have our kids in sports and are hoping for a Scholarships are doing the same thing. We are all doing things that in some small way explote them. As for her hair I agree its not my choice but its a free world. As for freebies, what about all the sport and TV stars they all get freebies why should they not get something for free when its advertisment for the company. Last comment...dont like it dont watch. I am Canadian I have the right to do as I please and I hear all the time that you in the USA are in the lady of the fre, so go be free and just dont watch. The way I see it your only free if you do what you all think is right that free????

1910 days ago


for a man who hates the public eye he sure likes the benifits of being in the public eye..look at him smile on all his new toys

1910 days ago


Some people need to lead, and others need to follow. I have seen a lot of relationships like this. Although it seems pathetic to me, it works for some couples. Jon is weak, Kate is strong….. this is a very unbalanced marriage. I hope however, for the good of the kids, that they can work it out. Besides, they may as well stay together, who would want either one of them?

1907 days ago

edith fron the bahamas    

jon & kate ' remember JESUS in the temple speaking to the multitude when the priest came to HIM with a woman. said that she sined because she slept with other women's husband. that was a sin punishable by death of stoning. HE wrote something in the dirt than said "you without sin throw the first stone. they all walk away. we have the right to stone people who wrong us, GOD give use that right. the key word is STONE, we can use thae stone to forgive or condemn. when we use the stone to condemn, look back to see who is holding a stone to condemn you for you have ofended many people. you use the stone to forgive and you will before given. we all have sin and yet though CHRIST we can ask for forgiveness but we should also be able to forgive. jon and kate this is for you. the world dont need to know what is happerning in your marriage, who ever sin PLEASE feel each other's pain and forgive. family is important, trust and honesty is important. you had that before and you can have that again, let GOD do HIS work. MARRIAGE is an institution created by GOD. don't let the world tell you what to do with your marriage. when the world stop turning in to jon & kate plus 8 and looking for something eles to watch you will need each other and your children. GOD BLESS.

1906 days ago

Gram 23    


1894 days ago

polly esther    

Kate probably got the divorce lawyer for free too

1891 days ago
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