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Spencer to Audrina: 'You're a Ho!'

6/3/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Audrina PatridgeFirst of all ... Heidi and Spencer are still in Costa Rica -- that's a fact.

Now ... Spencer Pratt is uncharacteristically pissed over Audrina Patridge's comment that she would never join "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here." Spencer just told TMZ, "Heads up, Audrina. Just because you have a one night stand with a guy who's in a movie called "Star Trek" doesn't make you a star. You're just a ho."

In case that didn't register, he said, "You're just a ho." We have to say, not very Christian from a guy who just got baptized by Stephen Baldwin.

And get this: Spencer and Heidi are telling people in Costa Rica that they never really planned to quit the show. He's saying it was all a "mental fake out to mess with the competitors."

And the best part ... Remember Heidi crying a river on the show after the wrestler stole her shampoo? Heidi is bragging to people in Costa Rica that she and QVC are going to sell 500,000 units of that shampoo as a result of the drama -- and that's just for her first appearance on the shopping show.

Not Speidi: Click to watchBy the way ... if you see video of two people landing at LAX last night and you hear it's Speidi ... it ain't. Just another fake out.


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#21 re: "Don't forget, Harvey and his unpaid interns at TMZ are just as afraid of African Americans. Going after beauty queens with a vengeance is their style while the President and the black clergy of California are the real reason why gays are not allowed to marry in California.

It's chickens&it hypocrisy. "

HAHAHA!!! Amen brotha!!! Over 70% of the black population in CA voted against Gay Marriage, and over 60% of hispanics did as well. Have we heard a peep out of Harvey or his drones on this fact? Hell no!!! They blame Mormons and a barely legal drinking age beauty queen.

Liberals are cowards and #3 is right. Why don't Liberals attack Islam for being even MORE "anti-gay marriage" than Christians? You have our brilliant President running around telling everyone how we're one of the largest MUSLIM nations in the world. So come on Harvey, if it's good enough for our now "I'm proud to have Muslim heritage President," then why isn't it good enough for you? Call 'em out like you do the Christians!!! Or are ya scared?!?!!? :)

1971 days ago


Die you two! die

1971 days ago


NBC has reached an all time low with these two maggots! All Spencer & Heidi need is for someone to kick his ass! Heidi is just a dumb bag of rocks!! They belong together, just not on TV!!

Over 70% of the black population in CA voted against Gay Marriage, and over 60% of hispanics did as well. What about the caucasian vote? Is it because 90% of them are the gay population? Get over it people, California has spoken and we don't want it legalized in our state! The other side of the country, perhaps, but not here. If they so strongly believe in this whole gay movement thing, take it where it is accepted and move on.

1971 days ago


TMZ and other so called entertainment sites, shows, magazine etc. will continue to cover these fools because people like us continue to comment on there post and some even buy the magazines. Stop posting to Spencer and Hydie storys and hopefully everyone will see no one cares and stop covering them.. taking my own advice...later on these 2 so called stars

1971 days ago


how did seemingly nice parents raise such vile creatures? spencer has got to quit with the holy rolling, he is giving christians a bad name.self centered a**holes....

1971 days ago


Spencer got married to a chick that is only famous for being on The Hills (and for her awful music). I'd say Audrina's got one up on him because her man is in real movies.

1971 days ago


These two are so creepy........OMG! Are they retarded or something?

1971 days ago


they are ridiculous. why in GODS name would anyone buy her shampoo/hair products???? LORD, please banish them permanently to the jungles of Costa Rica with NO CAMERAS!!!!!

1971 days ago


Who are these people??? I only know of them because TMZ among others tells me about them daily... Are they actors???

1971 days ago


Last night I met 4 dudes on Sunset who were Mixed Martial Artisits and they can't wait to bump into this clown.

Hope TMZ will be around too.

1971 days ago


Will someone PLEASE assassinate these two already....

1971 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

those two losers should do the same thing they did last night HIDE,THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE WAY THEY ACT,I AM SURE THERE PARENTS ARE PROUD OF THEM

1971 days ago



1971 days ago


PLEASE STOP WRITING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE GETTING MORE FAMOUS WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. IF YOU NEGLECT THEM, THEN THEY MIGHT FINALLY DISAPPEAR. I like to come to these gossip sites but when i see things about these two I always wonder why people are so fascinated by these turds. I know many people feel the same as me, do us a favor and stop making them famous, they don't deserve the spotlight. It's enough that Paris Hilton is internationally known, don't let it happen to them too. PLEASE!

1971 days ago


Speidi are both loosers in my book. Bad attitudes, spoiled and mean spirited. And isn't it funny how they leave just before the vote after saying they were going to leave many times.

1971 days ago
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