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Jon Gosselin's Bags Are Packed

6/4/2009 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While his wife island hops off the coast of North Carolina without him, Jon Gosselin returned to their Pennsylvania home on Thursday.


The 32-year-old father of eight may not have a chunk-striped, bi-level reverse mullet weave, but he does have a hideous douchey hoodie to call his own.


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"chunk-striped, bi-level reverse mullet weave"

Thanks for the laugh TMZ- I hate Her hair

1962 days ago

Lori B    

I am surprised at some of the posts that think Jon and Kate are "media whores". Do these uneducated readers really think that being stalked by the paparazzi hiding in the bushes is justified. Jon and Kate are living their lives. They have no control on stalkers people. Its these people that buy into this crap and the photogs themselves that are the "media whores". As for Kate hen-pecking her husband....well all i have to say is,,,,,try having 6 kids THE SAME AGE...and two more the same age and see how well you do. Obviously in a situation like that...someone has to be the bitch/boss. He seems a little lazy at times. I'd be kicking his ass too! Get a life people. And maybe for once in your lives...try to imagine what it would be like to live in someone else's shoes. Its really easy to judge others and forget your not perfect either.

1962 days ago


He needs to grow up.

1962 days ago


In My Eyes...

JON is a God!

Kate is a DEVIL!

You can see it when the Kids smile and laugh with Daddy.

They frown, fight and cry with Mommy!

So sad, but true!!

1959 days ago


Jon didn't quit his job; he was fired for needing to be available for taping rather than his work. The cash was rolling in and he was home with the kids so he never went back to work. Good thing cuz SHE's never there- she said herself that she is travelling at least some part of every week. She's a nag and he's a child and they both knew what they were getting when they got married. All the money in the world can't be enough to have cameras in your face all day every day and who knows how many people in your home morning noon and night. There is no way that the intrusion of TLC didn't have a horrific effect on their marriage. They signed up for it and now there are consequences. $7million bucks, a mortgage-free house, more vacations than most people take in a lifetime and tons of free products should be more than enough at this point. If they love their kids and ever gave a crap about one another, they will turn off the cameras, say goodbye to the huge paychecks, change bodyguards and stay home instead of clubbing. They chose to have 8 kids if the show was cancelled tomorrow they'd have to figure out how to get by. I hope its THEIR decision to save their family and a little self respect along the way and pull the plug.

1958 days ago


My heart is filled with sadness as I follow this story.....I've watched the show from the get-go and respected Kate & Jon's connection even with cameras in their faces all the time....Sooner or later, one of them was going to get tired of invasion and unfortunately it turned out to be Jon. As he said during one of his interviews back in the day, he thought it would be fun to captivate the growing of his children, however, at that time, I dont think he realized what he got himself into. Kate, on the other hand is thinking money. With that many children to raise and put thru colleges, her mind was going elsewhere and couldnt give up a good thing. I certainly wish the media, and all the "rag" magazines would leave this adorable couple alone so they can work out their problems among themselves for the welfare of their children.....its so so sad to see such a loving family being torn heart and prayers are with you both

1958 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Why are these douche bags so fu#cking popular??? Sperm + egg = Fame

They are just retards with kids!!! I wish that controlling bitch had birth control!!!

1952 days ago

Ruth Moore    

I cannot blame Jon for leaving Kate. He did not want more children, he was happy with Maddy and Kara. It has always been about Kate! Jon is a great father and it was always very clear, that Jon did not like being a part of many of the episodes. Kate is a control freak and always needed the spot light. I hated the way she treated Jon. She did not show him any respect and always seemed to take pleasure in demeaning him. I hope that she is happy now that she has lost him and will begin to appreciate what she had in him.

1887 days ago
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