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Carradine's Rep -- David's Hands Were Tied

6/5/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarradineNow we know why David Carradine's family thinks foul play may have been involved in the actors death -- his manager tells us Carradine was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Chuck Binder, Carradine's manager, tells us he firmly believes Carradine did not take his own life -- nor does he think David died accidentally. Binder says the family has been told Carradine's hands were immobilized by the rope.

Carradine was found by a hotel maid Thursday morning with a rope tied around his neck and another around his genitals in a Bangkok hotel room.

UPDATE: Thai police are now recognizing David's death may not have been a suicide, by saying, "It is unclear whether he committed suicide or not or [whether] he died of suffocation or heart failure." Police say he could have died from an "accidental suffocation."

UPDATE: We've been told by the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok that David's body was shipped back to the States Friday evening (Thailand is 14 hours ahead of PST).

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very cool dude. RIP

1967 days ago

Hawaii Bob    

CNN' is reporting that all of Carradine's crew is saying his hands WERE NOT tied behind his back. This should all be clarified.

1967 days ago

Susan Mueni    

Theres more than meets the eye in this story. Doesn't it seem wierd that a lot of actors are dying just before the release of some major blockbuster moviemovie? Think Heath Ledger, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, etc and now David Carradine just at about the same time that Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill was released and see just how successful it has become? Check out the freemasonic/ Illuminati imagery in Kill Bill and Seems like these Illuminati- controlled movie studios are sacrificing their actors to shore up the sales of their movies. Dont be fooled, this was a satanic ritual sacrifice of David Carradine and I'm not just spewing of some delusional conspiracy theory. Lets really think hard about this. I mean, he was as drunk as a skunk so imagine how easy it'd be to do this and why is the hotel not fully co-operating with the Thai police. I SMELL A RAT and Im surew the family knows what happened but can't say it.

1967 days ago

Nancy Cohen    

Of course the manager of David Carradine would say that, he would lose out on thousands of dollars coming in from productions co. I am saying that David Carradine took his own life, but staged it like it was sex, or whatever they are saying. Payoffs, lies to get a hold of big production co. monies... I knew Carradine he played life like a chess game... thought ahead like my father did... Did same as Carradine, but pills, but ruled accidental death so we could get money, and we did!

1967 days ago

Nancy Cohen    

If they had given up tape of hotel, then the world would truly see that Carradine tried to pull off a ruse of an accidental death so his real family could get money, not the grubbing wives of his past. So the hotel is reluctant to give it up. They know the truth. David's manager would lie about anything to get money! This death is not accidental, but planned by Carradine himself to look accidental.... I know it.

1967 days ago


listen to all of you. all of you are truly amazing, sadly so. and this jesus as your savior thing, if you really believe that, then you wouldnt be spewing all this negative stuff. accepting jesus in your life is more than just oh i accept and that's it. it also includes having love and compassion for your fellow human being. christians and catholics are such hypocrites. bash everyone who doesnt think like you do. is that really the love your god and jesus speak of? i dont think so... like i said, you people area truly amazing, sadly so. BTW i'm a spiritualist and I think what happened to david is sad. i personally think he was murdered, but either way, my heart and love go out to the family. this is such a sad time for them, and all of his fans :(

1967 days ago


I remember David Carradine doing a photo shoot in Playboy with his wife/girlfriend Barbara Hershey, must have been in the 70s - they were in various naked poses, some of them looked like they were having intercourse. She looked red in the face and like she was very distressed and about to cry, I remember thinking at the time that he was being disrespectful to her and must be a horndog. He looked like he was having a blast and here she was looking destroyed.

1967 days ago

so sad. his family is in our prayers.

1967 days ago


Everyone is forgetting that the video camera outside his room is NOT showing anyone entering prior to his death. That rules out the hooker unless she crawled in a window. Was this a ground floor room or was it on an upper floor? If the later, odds are he did something he didn't want anyone else to know about and it went very wrong. Sad that with such a full and respected life prior, he couldn't just have had conventional sex. Then again, his methods probably seemed more safe to him than any contact w/ a hooker. I had no clue this type of act even existed but did a bit of research and it would seem that if he had done it before, he would have known the dangers. RIP

1967 days ago


He Was An Awsome Person.Lets Wait And See How He Died ,And If He Was Choking The Chicken An Got A Little Carried Away,Well Thats His Choice.What You Dont Masterbate LOL

1967 days ago


I predict - they will find the information in the knots, which, once compared against how he ties his shoes will show that he personally didn't tie them - since they will be reversed (right over left Vs. left over right) signalling that someone else assisted him getting into that position... check the shoes, check the other knots.

1967 days ago


Quand j'ai lu l'article sur sa morte en Thailande, moi, j'ai soupçonné que c'était quelque chose d'érotique. Plusieurs fois, ce sont les jeunes que se sont devenus les victimes de ce »jeu«-ci. Moi, je me demande pourquoi?

1967 days ago


David would never, ever have taken his life. I knew him for many years and did a film Armed Response with him. David was the nicest, funniest, humane person you could meet in this town. He would have been content to slumber in a sleeping bag. He loved his horses and lived humbly on ranches and was the antitihesis of the archetypical celebrity. He was a guest at my girlfriends wedding, and so full of life and sardonic humor. This was murder.

Who the hell would believe the "Police" over there in a country bereft of moral values--a violent , duplictous society that caters to wealthy men who have sex with young children for crying out loud. David had at least three films he was shooting soon after "Stretch", bought a new car and was very much in love with his wife. My heartfelt condolences to the Carradine family.

1967 days ago


P.S. Auto-asphyxiation???? A pathetic ersatz endeavor by the spin docs in Thailand who are undoubtedly terrified this will have a negative impact on their "tourism." Where the heck is the FBI?

1967 days ago


Thailand is not noted for being truthful regarding deaths of foreigners in their country. Also, see:

1966 days ago
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