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Docs: Carradine's 'Potentially Deadly' Sex Habits

6/5/2009 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another major development in the David Carradine death mystery -- this one found in the pages of his 2003 divorce papers, in which his ex wife accused him of a "potentially deadly" sexual appetite.

In divorce papers obtained by the Smoking Gun, David's ex-wife Marina accused him of participating in "deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly." The papers do not say specifically what that behavior entailed.

Police say David's body was found in his Bangkok hotel room Thursday morning with a rope around his neck and genitals. It was at first reported as a suicide, but police have since changed their tune by saying he could have died from an "accidental suffocation."

David's manager believes foul play is involved because he's been told David was found with his hands tied behind his back.


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It was pretty obvious what happened when you hear "Bangkok" "rope around genitals" "hotel room"

Old man + deviant sex act = Eww

1936 days ago


I'll bet it was an encounter with a prostitute that went wrong. I'm not saying the woman (or man, or katoy) did it deliberately, but my guess is Carradine asked to have this done and when it accidentally went south and he suffocated the woman freaked out and ran off to avoid getting in trouble.

I lived in Thailand for over a year, and while I can say that the image of the country as a sex tourist haven is WAY overblown, it isn't that hard to find prostitutes in Bangkok if that is what you are looking for.

1936 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Dang, I bet IT was still HARD with that rope still around IT.. You know those freakie freaks took a ride on it before calling 911, hell i would have, wouldn't let that fee ride go to waste in this economy, anything free. just say'n.

1936 days ago

eyes glued opened    

I could just see that lil Thai lady or man, short thing strangled the life out that old man, then ran off with the rice patty hat on giggling.. Damn!!!

1936 days ago

Keifer not ok    

But at the same time these hookers ain't going to run screaming from another old guy that dies during sex. Or tiptoe out.
He was in the closet due to being afraid of cameras, as it was a hotel and he was a celeb. He was whacking off. If he'd been
with one of the hotel girls, the cops would have found him dead in his bed, evidence gone. If someone lives in Thailand and has so much experience with hookers as some of these posters claim to have, then they'd also know that old guys dying during sex in thailand with protitutes, on readily and cheaply available viagra, is not such an unusual event. That they are typically found as if sleeping.
He was alone.

1936 days ago




1936 days ago


if he did infact have his hands bound behind his back, then it sounds like there was another party involved. He was in Thailand, if i'm not mistaken you can get a pretty freaky prostitute there for the price of a bowl of rice. Hooker tied him up he suffocated and she bounced.

1936 days ago

Keifer not ok    

But his hands were not tied behind his back. One wrist had string wrapped around it. His rep was told something different.

1936 days ago


If it wasn't foul play then who tied his handes behind his back

1936 days ago

L.A. Lips    

OH MY GOD, what a way to go. To work all your life & have the respect of your family, fans & collegues only to end
up dead because of some sexual ritual game. Heard Carradine's financial woes was a surprise too, who knew. Such an embarassing way to die!

1936 days ago


This will overshadow everything he did. I liked him and loved Kung Fu and Kung Fu: the Legend Continues.

1936 days ago


I got news for everyone out there that thinks this was an accident,no way !,this was a murder and i hope whoever is behind it gets what they need , a new piece of jewerly.

1936 days ago


...just waiting for the pics of the body to surface. I've seen CSI: Bangkok. Their investigations are not very thorough.

1936 days ago


i bet Uma Thurman is STOKED!!!

1936 days ago


Its obvious he was with another person, if his hands were tied behind his back.. this kind of sexual "act " has been around for a long time... he just went to far with it this time. The only thing shameful about it is that he will be remembered for this, not his talent ... or the kind of person he was (when he was not engaging in private sexual behaviour.) I am sure, his current wife and family would have like to keep this out of the press. She probably knew about his behavior... the first wife did..
A family member I know hung himself in prison and I found out when I investigated suicides that this sexual suicide stuff happens a lot. Many die without meaning to but it happens.. its dangerous at any age. The family member I know hung himself and it was not sexual .. but thats how I found out about this act.
I doubt if the family will find out the whole truth behind this.. and why does it matter if he was playing with fire.. (the other person involved was there because he wanted to do it.. ... ) my guess... anyhow....

1936 days ago
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